Which Is Better A Logical Fear-Based Mind Or A Heart Full Of Love?…

Which Is Better A Logical Fear-Based Mind Or A Heart Full Of Love?

There’s a large group of people now who see the world only through a logical way of thinking. This has lead to the destruction of the planet, to wars, and the breaking apart of families.

Many see the world through the lens of logic, rationalization, and defending their actions with dogma.

The opposite of this is to see the world through the lens of love… “To Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself”. To do what sometimes seems illogical because it is the right thing to do… because that particular action is full of love.

I asked a man the other day about people leaving their country of birth because they are hungry, want safety, a roof over their head and a better way of life.

The logical way of dealing with all of this is to rationalize with fear that everything will fall apart if we help someone else. To push back, to fear, to alienate, and go to war… to keep what we have no matter what.

The loving way to look at this is like what my grandmother used to say, “Company is coming put a little more water in the soup” and share whatever we have because we are all brothers and sisters on this planet.

But fear loves logic, and fear shuns love, and fear keeps us trapped in thinking we have very little. And with fear, we have to fight to keep what we have. The logical fear mind is a mind full of scarcity and lack.

A single-celled pond animal is very logical in the way it moves and takes in food and moves away from toxins and threats. And that same animal will fight for resources in order to survive instead of working together to create a plan to make life better for everyone… which is also called love.

So which do you choose?

Logical Fear Mind or a Heart Full of Love?

Many Blessings to Everyone


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