Which Is A Better: Moksha Or Doing What Makes You Happy?…

Which Is A Better: Moksha Or Doing What Makes You Happy?

A goal to live this life on Earth doing whatever makes us happy is the right goal to have, for happiness is the primary and ultimate goal of every living being on Earth.

However, when you make a goal, you should perfectly know what you are striving for and should carefully check whether the path that you are planning to take will help you attain your goal or not. I.e. if your goal is happiness, you must check that whatever you think is making you happy is it actually making you happy or unhappy?

Relative happiness is nothing but happiness taken on loan. Just like ‘Rest on rent’! So, if you take loan, you will have to repay. At the time of repayment, how do we pay back? We taking further new loan from somebody and making the payment. If we do not take any loan, we will not get any unhappiness.

So, if you take loan in the form of happiness from worldly things, you have to repay in the form of unhappiness. Eg. If you eat tasty food, and you enjoy with oneness, then your tooth may ache, which is a repayment for that happiness.

Hence, all worldly happiness is on loan, for which we have to make repayment by suffering unhappiness. But when you attain Self-Realization and know that “I am a Pure Soul”, Soul is full of bliss and hence will give you permanent happiness.

After Self-Realization, you stop taking happiness from worldly things. But still there’s loan you have taken previously; so you will have to repay that. At that time, if you have spiritual knowledge and you practice the spiritual principles, you will be able to repay without taking new loan. The right understanding gained from the spiritual science will help you repay all previous loans without having to take new loans. You just have to keep the understanding that I do not want any worldly happiness now. By keeping awareness you can stop taking this new loan!

This means worldly happiness only means giving invitation to unhappiness.

No one would like to do that, isn’t it? Especially when we are given to know living a spiritual life means living a life, being our real Self. When you attain Self-Realization and know that “I am a Pure Soul”, Soul is full of bliss and hence will give you permanent happiness. All along, we have always believed that “I am John (the reader may insert his own name here).” However, spiritually, this is a wrong belief.

In Self-Realization, the wrong belief of “I am John” is replaced with right belief of “I am Pure Soul.”

There are two elements – Soul and matter. They are totally separate from each other, but they are so close to each other that it creates a wrong belief. It makes us believe that, “I am John. Everything is happening to me.” You never realize that ““I am a Pure Soul”.

So this wrong belief that is there, only that part is to be removed, so that the two elements work naturally. (This is what happens in the process of Self-Realization).

Right now, they are not natural. They have become unnatural. Because of wrong belief, you believe that “I am John” – that is called ego! This ego has taken over your whole kingdom. The Pure Soul is not ruling the kingdom right now. Ego is ruling the kingdom with the help of intellect.

After Self-Realization, you will experience that the ego that was believing, “I am John”, will now believe that “I am not John, I am a Pure Soul” So ego gets one with the Pure Soul.

When there is no ego to interrupt, the rule of Pure Soul begins. The function of Pure Soul is just observing and knowing and is experiencing happiness, happiness and happiness inside. And if you happen to do something wrong, the light of the awakened Soul guides you that, “This is wrong path. This is not the path of moksha (salvation). This is the path of wandering in this world.”

This demarcation comes from within spontaneously because of the awakening of the Soul. The awakened Soul will guide you. Real knowledge is spontaneous whereas the intellectual knowledge is learnt. This awakened Soul will take you to Moksha. It is very important to follow the given spiritual principles because your past deeds will confuse and obstruct your path of moksha.


Thus, we can conclude that working towards moksha or spiritual life is not only a better goal but ideally the ultimate goal of human life because it is all about knowing our own Self, our real Self, which is an abode of permanent happiness i.e. happiness after which there is no unhappiness.

To live this life on Earth doing whatever that makes ‘you’ happy is perfectly alright as long as you know who ‘you’ really are. It is because the happiness derived from your worldly self will certainly follow with unhappiness, whereas the happiness from your real Self (Pure Soul) is real and permanent happiness.

Permanent Happiness is to be found when you make spiritual path as your main purpose. You are the source of Happiness. So stop searching for it elsewhere…

If interested, you can know more on the subject at : https://www.dadabhagwan.org/discover-happiness


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