Where Quiet Resides

It’s difficult to find quiet in a world that spins faster and faster, throwing the debris of daily activities at us without pause. We oftentimes look for the empty spaces and gentle scenery to linger in as we hope to escape for a little and gather ourselves.

This beautiful earth hangs on to such special places even though we endanger it with all our living. It still keeps hidden gems in far places and if we’re very lucky some in the most unexpected places, but we have to seek them out. This is unfortunate. Sitting in silence offers just that, silence. What we do with it is up to us as silence alone does not render peace, it does not take the stain of overload away and magically rejuvenate us.

The kind of peace and silence that changes us is enhanced by nature’s beauty and serenity. Learning how to sit by serenity and find peace is the key to a healthy soul and a clear mind. Some may find this quiet beauty and sit by it for hours, but be consumed by the worries of the day, week or year. They may walk away with a temporary feeling of escape but unless inner peace is accessed it doesn’t last long.

Feeding the soul is a constant activity and finding a quiet place to do so helps. Eventually, one is able to access the quiet almost anywhere by focusing internally. Mother earth gives us much to feed body and mind and it is truly spectacular! It is wise to remember however, that we are a part of mother earth and so we are connected always to the source of all we need.


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Carol McDonald

Creative by birth, I’m a graphic Designer, artist and writer. Originally from Jamaica I lived in New York for many…

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