Where Peace Lies

We build up the story in our heads. We are in perpetual motion. We stay busy. Work extreme hours. And the worst part about it? We actually lose time. We think we’re inspired, when in fact we’re just tired. Stop, slow down. There is but one life to be lived. And we are racing through it like we have an endless supply of days. We don’t….

I am guilty of this myself. While I do keep insane {work} hours, there is plenty of down time for me. One of the things that I do to ensure that, is to take my wife on a 3 day weekend every month. But that is not enough. Removing yourself from the busy environment is just step one. Step two is prioritizing what needs to be removed from your life. It could be a job, people or even a damaging belief system. We have got to create space in the name of self preservation and self care. The final step is shutting it down. When you get that free time, we must make the most of it.

So now that you have carved out some free time, what does “make the most of it” look like? The answer will be different for all of us. For me, other than traveling for a 3 day weekend with my wife, I also have nightly meditation followed by evening prayers with her. Sometimes, that meditation involves drinking a cup of coffee on the beach with her. Some of our deepest conversations, we didn’t exchange a single word at all.

I am a big fan of quiet and nature. Your free time may be going to a movie, brunch with a friend, or simply having a glass of wine at the end of the night while reading. Those things that settle your soul, do them. And do them often. He who has the most money is not the richest. He who has the most peace is. And peace comes from many places. But where it doesn’t come from is a busy mind. For when we are busy, we have a hard time truly connecting. Connecting to ourselves, our God, our families and even our pets. You want to truly invest in someone or something, invest your time. That is the real currency. And that is where peace lies.


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Vance Larson


I am a retired crisis counselor of 20 years who has spent the last decade working as both a Life…

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