Where Is The Soul Located In The Human Body?…

Where Is The Soul Located In The Human Body?

The Soul is located throughout the entire body, except in the nails and in the hair.

If someone cuts our hair while we are asleep, we would not know it, because there is no Soul located in our hair. We do not feel any pain where there is no Soul. But in places where there is Soul, we would feel the prick of a pin right away.

Due to the Presence of the Soul, We feel Pain in our Body.

The reason why one is given anesthesia during an operation (surgery) is to move the Soul away from that area. Whenever a part of the body is severed or is given anaesthesia, the Soul, because of its capability to expand and contract, moves away from that area.

Where there are feelings, there is Presence of Soul; but the one that feels is not the Soul. Interesting, isn’t it?! The Soul has no feelings, but the body can feel and express feelings only in the presence of the Soul.

Where there are feelings, it implies there is life (Chetan, Soul) present. And if something does not show feelings, it means it has no life i.e. the Soul is not located in there. Even trees and leaves have feelings because a tree is a living being, a one-sensed organism having the feeling of touch only.

The One who Knows is the Soul, and That which Moves and Walks (Body) is Machinery.

Even in darkness, if someone were to put a spoonful of shrikhand (sweet yogurt pudding) into our mouth, we are immediately able to recognize the individual ingredients of it. It is because the function of the Soul is to Know. The sensory nerves in our body do carry the message, but the real One who knows it all is the Atma or the Soul.

The properties of the Soul are Infinite Knowledge, Infinite Vision, Infinite Energy, Infinite Bliss and so on.

The Vicious Cycle of Birth and Death

When the Soul leaves the body, the body dies, but we, as the Soul, remain. We move into a new body which is called rebirth. The Soul is our real Self. However, due to our ignorance of the Self, we believe ourselves to be the body or the name given to identify the body. And therefore, we are caught into this vicious cycle of birth and death.

Is there a way to come out of the vicious cycle & experience the permanent bliss of Soul

So, it is due to the ignorance of our Self that we are wandering in various life forms and going through so much suffering. Imagine! There is a beggar, who is wandering around daily, begging for alms. And one day he gets a hint that he is the only son of an Emperor. What will the beggar’s state be like, then? Obviously, he would become desperate to find someone who could tell him that really ‘who am I?’ and who could take him to his right address, isn’t it?!

Similarly, we too are an abode of eternal bliss. And Gnani, the Enlightened One, is the One who can give us the knowledge of really ‘who am I?’ and make us experience our real Self. With His grace, our ceaseless wandering in the vicious cycle of birth and death comes to a halt. And He also shows us how to live the remaining life in the awareness of the Soul, which we said, is an abode of eternal bliss.

Hence, come, let’s not miss this invaluable opportunity of meeting the living Gnani and attaining Self-Realization as soon as we can!


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In June 1958, spontaneous Self-Realization occurred within Ambalal M. Patel. From this point on, Ambalal became a Gnani Purush, and…

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