Where Is The Rhythm Of Your Soul?…

Where Is The Rhythm Of Your Soul?

Rhythm is defines as the pulse or beat of an activity. If we agree that the soul is active; what is its rhythm and where can it be found?

A Rhythm means a succession of opposite or different conditions such as love and hate, or success and failure. In music rhythm means the placement of sound in time. The placement is an ordered alternation of contrasting elements. And isn’t that the nature of life? For everything there is its contrast.

Rhythm also occurs in other arts such as poetry, painting, sculpture, and architecture. It is also found in our biological functions such as the heartbeat, the breath and circadian rhythms. The heart is physical matter. The rhythm of its beat can be seen and measured. The breath is a bit more difficult to observe, but its rhythm can also be measured. Circadian rhythm in human being can be measured by the circadian rhythmic profile in serum level of melatonin or cortisol, or core body temperature. So we can measure and observe the rhythm of the body and the mind, but where is the rhythm of the soul?

The soul is like music. Unlike a painting or a piece of sculpture, which are compositions in space, a musical work is a composition dependent upon time. So is the soul. It does not occupy space, but it does function in time. According to karma yoga the soul returned to earth at a specific time and for a specific length of time to perfect it’s rhythm with life. Plato’s observation that rhythm is “an order of movement” might give us a glimpse into finding the rhythm of the soul.

Plato attributed movement in the world to the process of becoming and rest in the world to the creation of being. No one would dispute that for existence to be there must be the movement of energy that comes to rest in space to create matter. The body-mind then takes on orderly movements that allow it to be. This is the rhythm of life.

The heart beats and the brain waves moves in an orderly fashion as long as they hold their perfect rhythm. It is energy that causes the body and the mind to move. But energy and matter is not the same thing. Matter is comprised of energy. Energy has no matter. Therefore we could say that the soul is the energy that gives rise to the rhythm to life. Something causes the breath to rise and fall and the heart to beat. This something is like the rhythm in music. It’s dependent upon timing; not the occupying of space.

Whatever other elements a given piece of music may have rhythm is the one indispensable element of all music. Rhythm can exist without melody, as in the drumbeats of so-called primitive music, but melody cannot exist without rhythm. In music that has both harmony and melody, the rhythmic structure cannot be separated from them. So if the body-mind is to be in harmony with life it must have a rhythm or an order of movement that causes it to be. This is where to find the rhythm of the soul. It is movement that gives rise to the music of life. The beat of the heart and the rise and fall of the breath can only exist because something has given the movement a perfect order. This is the rhythm of your soul.

Live in harmony with life and the rhythm of your soul will produce a beautiful melody that will bring health, happiness and peace to the body and the mind, and then you will find yourself moving in perfect rhythm with life and dancing with your soul!


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