Where Does Desire Lie In Pursuit Of Spirituality?…

Where Does Desire Lie In Pursuit Of Spirituality?

The Eternal Light Of Absolute Knowledge Manifests Within, Only When…

…one’s all needs and desires are completely dissolved! God (Absolute Knowledge) only manifests in those who’ve become absolutely desire-less.

On the path of spirituality, we may come across people who have no desire for wealth, also many may have no desire for sensual pleasures too, but quite a few will have desire for respect or fame or some deep-rooted desire of one kind or another within them.

Lord has said that desire is an obstructing karma. Where there is absolute desirelessness, only there does the Supreme God manifest.

The Only Desire Worth Having Is A Desire For Liberation And For A Gnani Purush.

Such desires will not cause any obstructions. All other desires will continue to scorch you.

Therefore, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, “Have desire for liberation only.” One who desires liberation does not consider worldly things of any value.

‘The noble Soul drinks poison with a smile,

Detached and desireless, he needs no fame or recognition.’

An Ardent Desire To Know The Absolute Truth – ‘I seek the truth … the ultimate truth’

No matter what the external circumstances are, one who is in pursuit of spirituality has the sole desire for reality; he has a strong, natural desire for the attainment of the Absolute state of pure Soul.

And one should definitely pursue that desire, for only then can one attain the state of being Absolute. When one achieves that Absolute state of Pure Soul, there will be no more desires left because this state is void of all attachments.

However, to attain that state, the prompting spirit to know the absolute truth is the foremost requirement on the path of spirituality. When this becomes an integral part of one’s being, the divine vision and perception of reality will undoubtedly be established in such an aspirant.

The Knowledge Of The Self Should Be The Primary Goal Of One Pursuing Spirituality

Until there is ignorance, one who is in pursuit of spirituality continues to feel, “These worldly desires are ‘mine’ and there is something wrong with ‘me’ for having any such desire. ‘I’ don’t like the way ‘I’ am now. ‘I’ want to become like that, ‘I’ want to get rid of these things so that ‘I’ can become so.’ These feelings entangle the person and as a result one is neither able to come out of the desires nor is able to progress on the path of spirituality.

In reality you are free! But dense illusion and ignorance prevents you from knowing this. This illusion can never be destroyed until you meet a Gnani Purush and attain the real knowledge of ‘who am I’ from Him.

Without The Knowledge Of The Self, There Is No Liberation.

This knowledge of the Self (Atma Gnan) does not exist in books. It exists in the heart of a Gnani! Hence, the knowledge of the Self can only be acquired by meeting a Gnani. Only a lit candle can light another candle.

One Who Desires To Be Free, But Is Not Finding The Right Path…

If you were to desire liberation just once, then even after a hundred thousand lifetimes, you would certainly happen to meet some Gnani and you would achieve liberation. If ever an opportunity arises of meeting the Gnani and a connection of yours be established with Him, then liberation is in the palm of your hands!

Today, we all are very fortunate that we have amidst us a living Atma Gnani, whom one can meet and receive the Atma Gnan from Him within just two hours only. This is possible through the scientific approach of Akram Vignan. For details, you may please visit https://www.dadabhagwan.org/


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