Where Can One Human Being Find Real Happiness In This World Of Society?…

Where Can One Human Being Find Real Happiness In This World Of Society?

Every society in the world undergoes changes. These changes are influenced by the environment, technology, climate, people, interaction, the way we live, and many more factors. And amidst so many changes taking place all around, to find real happiness that remains constant is impossible!

Therefore if a human being is in search of real happiness, he should seek happiness from something which is steady, everlasting and eternal, and not from material wealth and possessions, that are temporary in nature.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the Enlightened being, says, “The true meaning of Aatma (Soul) is the Self, one’s Real form. Eternal happiness, bliss, is within you. Your real Self, i.e. the Soul is an abode of infinite bliss and yet you are looking for happiness in temporary things!”

True happiness is not derived from worldly matter, rather permanent, eternal happiness comes from the Self within, the pure Soul. The Soul is an eternal element. It is full of infinite knowledge, infinite vision, infinite energy and infinite bliss. The Soul is steady by nature, it never wavers in any situation or with anyone. By its inherent nature, it is in constant inner bliss.

When people experience the Soul and become one with their pure Soul, they get a taste of infinite, absolute bliss. This in essence is true happiness because it is derived from the Soul, which is permanent. The happiness experienced is not temporary or dependent on external or worldly factors, it is within the Soul’s inherent nature. Only after Self-Realisation, can one discover that the pure Soul, which resides in every living being, is my true Self, which is the abode of infinite bliss.

Nevertheless, in order to find happiness in this world of society, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan explains that it can be found by helping others and giving to others. When someone uses their mind, speech and body in the service of humanity, Nature rewards them with happiness. But while serving or giving, the inner intent of helping others should always be on your mind.

Along with a desire to help others, one must constantly have the intention of not hurting any living being to the slightest extent through their mind, speech and body. By maintaining this pure intent, one will experience inner peace and happiness. When we have the intention of not hurting others, no one will be willing to hurt us.

Thus, worldly happiness can be derived by using your mind, speech and body for serving mankind as well as harnessing the intention of not hurting any living being. And for permanent happiness, discover the answer to ‘who am I’ and experience the eternal bliss of the Self.

The foundation of Akram Vignan, the stepless path to Self-Realization, is based on experiencing true bliss and thus being free from all kinds of unhappiness in this world of society.


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