When The Mind Comes To Peace, Is It The Final Destination…

When The Mind Comes To Peace, Is It The Final Destination

Peace of mind has become extremely rare in today’s world. Almost every one of us experiences stress in some form or another, every day. These circumstances push us towards seeking ways to deal with stress and bring our mind to peace. We thereby get started on a journey that eventually becomes a spiritual quest for the ultimate.

But is peace of mind the ultimate destination we are looking to arrive at? Will there be a need to clean up past karmas after this to reach enlightenment? Let us explore!

Simply put, when the mind comes to peace, it generally suggests the beginning of spiritual advancement. One is less and less likely to get agitated or disturbed by any external or internal circumstances. But gradually, this peace too becomes a source of happiness that one craves to maintain; one does not wish that it goes away. Now, until there is any wish or desire that remains, how can one arrive at the ultimate?!

Peace of mind is not the ultimate destination of our spiritual journey. The final destination is moksha i.e. the ultimate liberation from the cycles of birth and death). In moksha, one experiences eternal bliss, which is far beyond the peace of mind, and that’s really the ultimate!

Only when all the past karmas are finished, one can attain moksha. So, yes, there is a need to clear up all the past karmas, only then can anyone arrive at the ultimate.

However, the path of moksha begins from Self-Realization.

When we realize that really, who am I, it is called Self-Realization. To attain Self-Realization, the deluding karmas that obstruct the core properties of clear vision and knowledge of the Soul need to be destroyed. But these cannot be destroyed on our own. It is like if we are bound by a tight rope from head to toe, can we release ourselves from the bondage on our own? Even if all the weapons that can smartly cut the bondage are kept right before our eyes, can we make any use of them? No! We need someone who is free from bondage and is also willing to cut our rope; only then can we be released, isn’t it?

Similarly, here too, we are tied by the bondage of karma. Therefore, there is a need for Gnani who can clean up the deluding karma so that we can reach enlightenment. It is a matter of great fortune that the path of Akram Vignan has opened up in this day and age, where Gnani, with his divine grace, destroys all our deluding karmas, and thereby helps us see our real Self i.e. the Soul. When this happens, we get to taste the experience of the bliss of the Soul. Then, not only our mind, but our entire being comes to peace!

Gnani is like an enlightened candle. To light our candle with this Enlightened candle, the physical presence of both is required. So come, let’s reach Gnani! He will make sure we reach enlightenment.


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In June 1958, spontaneous Self-Realization occurred within Ambalal M. Patel. From this point on, Ambalal became a Gnani Purush, and…

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