When Realization Happens Ego Ends Or When Ego Ends Does Realization Happen?…

When Realization Happens Ego Ends Or When Ego Ends Does Realization Happen?

Both the statements are correct because the ending of ego and the realization of the Self happen simultaneously. They are like two sides of the same coin. On one hand, the ego ends and on the other, Self-Realization happens.

What is ego?

It is to claim to be something you are not. One does not know who he really is and hence claims to be what he is not. That is ego.

‘I’ (the real Self) is not John (please insert your name here), but due to ignorance of the Self, he believes, ‘I am John’. This belief of, “I am John,” is ego (ahankar)! If one believes, ‘I am a pure Soul’, then there is no ego. There is ego in ‘I am John.’

Ego is when you do not know who you are and you identify yourself with that which you are not. “I am John,” is for a dramatic purpose (for playing your role in the worldly interactions) only. There is no harm in saying, “I am John”, but the belief, “I am John” should not be ingrained within you. It should be dramatic and used for identification purposes only.

If the ‘I’ is in its real place then it is not ego. So, if the ‘I’ comes out of its incorrectly positioned place (John) and assumes its real place (Soul), then the ego is gone. Therefore, you do not have to get rid of the ‘I’, but you just need to put the ‘I’ in its correct location.

Gnani, the Enlightened One, does this for us!

Through Akram Vignan, one can attain Self-Realization in a matter of two hours only, when Gnani, with his divine spiritual powers, puts in a line of separation between the Soul (the real I) and John (the worldly I), Self-Realization (Bhed-Gnan) happens! As He graces us with the real knowledge of who am I, the wrong belief of ‘I am John’ breaks and the Self-Realization of ‘I am a Pure Soul’ happens. The ego ends and the realization happens!

When we attain Self-Realization, the awareness of ‘I am a Soul’ begins. However, the experience of the pure Soul is unclear and indistinct because we have attained Self-Realization with the grace of Gnani, without finishing our karmas. It means although the live ego ended and we attained Self-Realization, now after Self-Realization, our effort to finish the discharge ego and attain a clear and distinct experience of the pure Soul/Self begins.

There are two states of ego:

The live Ego i.e. the ego that charges karma ended upon Self-Realization.

And the dead Ego i.e. the ego, that discharges and exhausts, remains. After Self-Realization, our effort to end this ego begins.

Since we did not know ‘who am I’, that’s why we believed, “I am thinking. I am speaking, I am doing.” That wrong belief of ‘I am the doer’ charged new karma, because nobody is independent to do anything.

There are so many circumstances – when they get together, things happen. When it rains, who is there in the sky making water? It is all natural. It is scientific circumstantial evidences. Same way in our life also, only circumstances come together and things happen. And as a Soul, we are just an observer of all of that. The doership is not there in our real Self. The Soul never does anything. The worldly things, Soul cannot do. The property of the Soul is just to see and know, and it is full of bliss.

After Self-Realization, as a Soul, you just observe all the circumstances. You see, ‘Oh, mind is functioning right now, intellect took this decision, the ego (the discharge ego) and jealousy has arisen.’ You will be aware of all of this and at the same time you are aware that this is all in John and not in me. You feel the separation and you experience total bliss inside. Consequently, that particular discharge ego ends.

So liberation (moksha) happens in two stages:

Liberation of our Soul from the wrong belief of “I am John” which we are carrying since infinite lifetimes, is the first stage of moksha! In this stage, we become free from all of the live ego, here in this life only.

This happens when we realize, “I am a pure Soul.” Unless and until we achieve the first stage of liberation, which is called Self-Realization, we cannot start with finishing our discharge ego, our karmas.

And when all our karmas get finished, then the second stage of liberation is achieved, and it is called ‘Nirvana’ or the ultimate salvation. There is no rebirth thereafter.

Hence, let’s attain Self-Realization at the earliest and end our ego for good…

For this, all we need to do is go to Gnani, the Enlightened One, who has the divine powers to take away our ego!!!

A person who takes away another’s ego is considered to be a Great being (Viraat Purush). Only when the ego departs, can it be said, that you have come face to face with a Great one. To do darshan of a Great one (Viraat) means to recognize a Gnani. In reality, who can be called a true viraat? It is someone who can devour our ego. He who annihilates our ego to pieces is called a Viraat! So come, let’s go meet Him…


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