When Life Throws You Lemons Make Lemonade…

When Life Throws You Lemons Make Lemonade

What do you tend to do when things don’t go quite right for you? Do you get upset and throw a tantrum or do you take the opportunity to learn the lesson, take control, and continue on? Which one of these two approaches do you consider to be the most productive one?

What happens when you get upset when things don’t go the way you want? You react to the situation. You lose control over your thoughts and emotions. Your vibration drops to minus. Your mind gets blurry. You can’t think clearly. You might take your frustration out on someone else. You attract more of the same!

What happens when you accept the situation, learn, and move on? You stay in control. You are able to make decisions. Your mind is clear and focused. You stay poised and calm. You Trust yourself and you have faith.

Do you believe that when something you want is not coming to you, it might be because there is something else waiting for you? Something better perhaps? Maybe you are not ready to receive what you are asking for and it could also mean that what you want is not ready for you? Also, if what you really want isn’t coming to you yet, it means you are not on the same frequency as it. Asking when and how is coming to you just prolongs it. So, the key here is to ask for it expect to receive it, and let go of any attachment to the outcome.

In life, there are laws we need to get to know and understand. I am talking about Universal laws, cosmic laws. See, you get what you are in vibrational alignment with… nothing less, nothing more. What does this mean? It all starts with a thought. If that thought is of a negative nature then you will feel a negative emotion which puts you in a low vibration hence your experiences will be poor and negative. You will attract things, people, and situations of that kind. The good news is that you can at any given moment, shift that thought and vibrational alignment to a positive by being aware and paying attention to your thought patterns. Look at your results and how you feel more times than not.

Is your energy level low? Are you tired? Do you have a hard time sleeping? Are you able to focus on your tasks? Are your days productive? Do you feel accomplished at the end of each day? Do you smile often? Are you happy every day? Are you satisfied? These are all questions worth you asking yourself and answering honestly. How you feel and act every day and the results you get give you a pretty good idea of where you are at vibrationally.

For years I felt frustrated and unhappy because I thought I was unlucky! I had so many limiting beliefs and I truly believed that I had to struggle before I could experience happiness. How absurd! But the truth is that many people live this way until they die. I was always so disappointed. Until one day I said Enough! I am worthy! And I made a decision to change. Change my life starting with my habitual thought patterns. Then things began to shift for me and now I live a well-balanced life with joy, health, and overall abundance. Did I need and seek help? Yes, I did. Did I work with mentors? Yes! Did I work hard to change my circumstance? YES! #Mentoringworks.

Now, years later I coach and mentor and help people live their best life. It has become my passion because I went through the transformation process myself. So no matter what happens, good or bad, I know I have created that experience for myself. And I learn, I move on, I turn the page and make Lemonade 🙂

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope it served you well. If you are considering working with a Coach and Mentor to better your life and get better results in all areas, I would love for you to connect with me. You can send me an email at samcp10@gmail.com

In gratitude for being present,

Samantha Cervino


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