When Is It Good To Go All In?…

When Is It Good To Go All In?

What I wouldn’t give, or what I would give, for a taste of the good life, right?

We’ve all said it at least once in our life. But would you really trade what you have for what you think you want?

The deeper I go in life the more I realize just how surface, how superficial if you would, that my life really is.

Marriage, parenting, making money, owning my own business, being physically fit, being a chaplain, a speaker; all of these forms, roles, or aspects of self — of which I clearly identify with — after closer examination appear somewhat as surface level; superficial if you would.

These aspects of life are, in and of themselves, simply “Samskaras.” (It’s worth studying) Little personified emotionally-charged thought-provoking energy centers with their own likes and dislikes, wants and needs … preferences … demands.

All of which I would trade in, give them all up, in a heartbeat for a taste of the good life. Of Glory.

Glory — pure, unadulterated Source Energy. Happiness in its purest form!

The Source of all living things surging through my veins. To stand in the midst of “its” presence, not observing but participating. Flowing where it flows. Going where it goes.

OMG, the rush at the thought of it!

Unending, unexplainable, joy, happiness, and fulfillment, right? Who wouldn’t go all in?

Hmmm …. (thinking)

I wonder if I would also experience the darkness of light in the presence of glory?

Would I, being one with Glory, the Original Source of all life, also experience sadness, hurt and pain, disappointment, anger, rage, loss, grief, sorrow, and every other negative thought and emotion that comes standard with life?

Does Death flow in the current of Life?

Does sadness flow along with, inside the same current, as happiness?

Is darkness a part of light?

Do I really want to go all in?

Do I really want to trade everything in for a shot at “Happiness beyond measure?” Pure Glory?” Which is in essence only something I perceive to be pure. Something I perceive would bring me joy and happiness. But if truth were told, would be actually, in and of itself, both pure and impure at the same time?

Can I exist in pure darkness and pure light at the same time?

Or would I, just like I’ve been doing my entire life, exercise my will to steer away from the darkness and pain avoiding what I don’t want, filling my life with what I think I do.

“I’ll have only pleasant thoughts, please.”

Or would I tilt my head back, stretch out my arms wide, one to the furthest East and the other to furthest West, and take in, soak up, experience, and become one with the full stream Life?

Pouring over me. Through me. Both light and darkness, life and death, happiness and sorrow, without resisting?

Could I, with one-hundred percent of my being, surrender to, and become one with, everything that flows in the current of Life?

Could I live in that kind of glory?

I tolerate the darkness now. Sure there’s both light and darkness. In marriage. In raising kids. In building a business. And just like I’ve been doing since I was born, I’ve tried lining up these aspects of my “life” with the light only. With only the things that make me feel the way I want to feel.

When “rain” comes I tolerate it, but I don’t celebrate it.

When the disagreements come. When the tough parts come. When the feelings of leaving one another, the cold empty feelings, sometimes nights and days upon end, where it feels like you’re a million miles apart … do I celebrate that?

No. I push it away!

I shove it down!

I usually look at “that” as a sign that “this” is coming to a close. That the window of opportunity is closing, that, like with all good things, this too must come to an end.

Whether it be marriage, a job, a dream. It’s all the same. I just want it to be the way I want it to be.

But what if it’s all Glory? The good, the bad, and the ugly?

What if darkness is light?

What if disappointment is merely a misconception?

What if everything we think and feel is wrong in our lives, or is going wrong at this moment, is all just one big misunderstanding?

What if this, this that I am going through at this very moment, is EXACTLY the way “it is supposed to be?”

Taking “it” a step further. What if there is no “supposed to be?”

What if there just is?

What if this, right here, right now, is Glory?

Right where I’m at?

What if what you’re in is exactly what you would find yourself in by being in what you wished it would be? (you gotta read that again)

What if everything you like and dislike about “here” is also “there?”

Would you still go all in?

Would you trade what you have for a taste of what you think you want?

What if what you think you want tastes just like what you have?

What would have to happen then in order for you to go all in? To be at peace and to be happy and content in all things?”

What would need to change then in order for you to experience the fullness of life, the good life, the wellbeing, all the Glory that you think is on the other side of where you’re at in your life right now?

Your spouse?

Your kids?

Your job?

Your bank account?

Where you live?

What you drive?

A second look reveals a deeper truth. An answer that maybe we just don’t consider often enough.

The answer to that question is, of course, a resounding NO!

The only thing that reallys need to change in order for you to have what you think you want, is you. (pause and reflect)

This is why I think you should think twice before trading what you have for what you think you want.

They are,

at the core,

I’ve come to learn,

one in the same.

Such are the things of life to be considered.


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