When Does Reincarnation Stop And How Long Does It Continue?…

When Does Reincarnation Stop And How Long Does It Continue?

Gnani, the enlightened One, explains this through a very simple example.

Let’s understand…

Suppose we take a block of wood on which a lot of mud is stuck. We put this wood in a pond of water. It will sink right down, isn’t it?

Now, as the mud keeps dissolving, the block of wood will gradually come up. When all of the mud is removed, the block will float on water.

This is how the coverings on the Soul also dissolve. One after another, the covering opens up, and one is born as a one-sensed, then reincarnates as a two-sensed, later becomes a three-sensed living being, a four-sensed living being and a five-sensed living being. One keeps taking experience and goes on rising higher in development.

Until one comes in human form, it is all a natural development. From human, one can reincarnate as a donkey or a fish, or in hell, or can even go to heaven and reincarnate as a celestial being. When one attains Self-Realization, his wandering in these four life-forms stops.

It is all scientific circumstantial evidence. There is no fault of anybody. One circumstance pushes another, and another circumstance pushes the third, the coverings break and development happens.

In another example…

Suppose there’s a 1000 watt bulb, and if on it, 50-80 clothes are thrown, then no light of the bulb comes out. However inside, the 1000 watts bulb is complete, it has full light. But over it, coverings are present, and hence the light is unable to come out.

Similarly here, in case of every living being, at the beginning, it’s a totally covered Soul. Inside, the light (knowledge) of the Soul is full. But it is covered completely with veils of ignorance.

The reincarnation process starts from such a state of the Soul.

Like when the diamond is removed from mines, it is said to be in its raw form, similarly here, the Soul is in the raw form, with all types of coverings over it. But as coverings keep reducing, development happens.

When a very little covering breaks, the Soul comes into worldly interaction as a one-sensed living being. Then, when some more coverings break, the living being reincarnates as a two-sensed living being. As coverings continue to break, the living being ascends to a three-sensed living being, four-sensed living being, five-sensed living being. Then, one reincarnates as a human. The coverings (over the Soul) keep breaking and the development keeps happening.

Up to human form, it is natural development (based on the Darwin’s theory of evolution). Thereafter, anger, pride, deceit, greed develop in the human form. That too is a part of development only.

Later, these anger, pride, deceit greed increase to great heights; one has enormous attachment, anger, greed, pride, lot of fights, lot of suffering. That is when one wishes to get liberated.

And when one attains Self-Realization, he is liberated from the bondage of new karma. Consequently, new coverings do not come, and old coverings will slowly, slowly (over time) give all its effects and leave. When not a single covering remains over the Soul, the Soul is totally liberated.

This is when reincarnation stops!

This is a natural development process for everyone!

Today, we all are fortunate to have a Akram Gnani amidst us, who can help us attain Self-Realization directly in just two hours time, with his divine grace. This is a kind of short-cut available for no cost whatsoever (yes, it’s totally free!) to everyone, whoever has the desire to be liberated from this vicious cycle of reincarnation. So come, let’s make the most of this golden opportunity!


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