When And How Should A Spiritual Seeker Decide That He Doesn’t Need To Continue Routine Symbolic Practices…

When And How Should A Spiritual Seeker Decide That He Doesn’t Need To Continue Routine Symbolic Practices

Yes, you may not continue to do routine symbolic practices if they are not beneficial to you. However, being on the path of spirituality, you should not have any abhorrence towards these practices. Eg. If some other person is doing these practices, you should not have any negativity towards the person nor towards the practices; keep equanimity at that time. After all, we are bound in this world due to our attachments and abhorrence. Therefore, in any situation in life, we should aim at not encouraging attachment or abhorrence that arises within.

Do you stay 24 hours a day in the awareness of “True Self knower”?

Your answer may be, ‘No, not all the time’. Eg. When you go to job, you forget that, ‘I am a knower’ You become “Rahul (your name)” at that time and conduct all your activities that way. There is zero awareness at that time. On analyzing further, you may realize that most of the times, you do not have the awareness.

So how can you get awareness of “True Self knower” FOREVER?

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, ‘I’ remains in the wrong place as long as the knowledge does not fall into the ‘knower’ and ‘my / mine’ remains as long as the vision does not fall in the ‘observer’. When the knowledge of ‘I am a pure Soul’ is attained, you attain the knowledge of the ‘Knower’ and only then there will be no more option of ‘I am Rahul’.

It means without attaining Self-Realization, one cannot come to the stage of the true Self-knower.

Therefore, Self-Realization (the experiential knowledge of ‘I am a pure Soul’) is a prerequisite for a spiritual seeker to arrive to the stage of being a true Self knower. And Self-Realization can be attained only and only through the grace of some Enlightened One, because only the liberated can liberate! If ever an opportunity arises of meeting Gnani and a connection is established with Him, then liberation is extremely easy. Just like one candle lights another, the Living Gnani enlightens our Soul.

Just as a goldsmith is required to separate gold from other metals, likewise Gnani, the Enlightened One is required to separate the non-Self (Rahul) from the Self (knower and observer).

In Akram Vignan, which is a ‘step-less’ path to liberation, the spiritual seeker can attain Self-Realization directly through the grace of the Living Gnani in just one hour (hence step-less!)!!! Unprecedented, unique, unheard of before and beyond credulity is this fact and yet it is a proven verity through experience. If interested, you may please visit https://www.dadabhagwan.org/schedule/satsang-q-a-session/ and see the schedule of where and when Pujya Deepakbhai, the Living Gnani, imparts Self-realization across the world. You don’t have to pay any fees or charges to attain Self-Realization nor do you need to change your religion or Guru.

Gnani’s teachings are most relevant for anyone, irrespective of his religion, gender or social status; and it is invaluable, and hence available absolutely free of cost. All you need to bring with you is utmost humility and an open heart to accept and absorb whatever he says.

What will you gain after being Self-realized?

After Self-Realization, you will no longer identify with Rahul (your name) as you have actually realized that really, “I am Pure Soul.” Your worries leave as you understand that really who the doer is and on what basis is this world running. This awareness of ‘Who am I’ and ‘Who is the doer’ helps you remain equanimous in every circumstance.

“What is the sign of having attained the Self Realization? Presence of awareness; constant awareness.” — Param Pujya Dadashri

As the awareness of the Pure Soul increases, day after day, we become more and more impartial towards Rahul; and therefore are able to see Rahul’s (your name) faults more and more clearly. Following Gnani’s words and his guidance, we are able to come out of all our mistakes that have bound us in bondage.

To conclude:

Once the spiritual seeker has attained Self-Realization, one really doesn’t need to continue with any practices. However, one has risen to a stage where one has no attachment and abhorrence towards doing and not doing anything. Therefore, you no more decide in favour of doing and not doing. You just remain in the awareness of ‘I am a Pure Soul’ and maintain equanimity in every circumstance. Whatever comes Rahul’s (your name) way, he does or does not do in accordance with the laws of Nature, while you continue to remain in the awareness of the true Self knower of what Rahul does or does not do. Such is the natural and beautiful way the two i.e. the doer and the knower operate!

So, hope you attain Self-realization soon and find the way to being the true Self knower forever.


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