What’s My Sign Got To Do With It?…

What’s My Sign Got To Do With It?

Anyone ever ask another person “What is your birth sign”? Sure, we all have. In the past Astrology was definitely worth looking into, still is for some. I’m a Gemini; and while in the dating world, I always would make sure to not date one. Granted, we all have different traits but the same energy. Energy is energy, regardless of how you want to perceive it. In turn, if we are all the same, have the same color heart, then we are all the same, right? That’s how I see it. I never see just a person. I see a soul.

A soul is a our whole entire being in a nutshell. No one could ever argue that, that isn’t correct, because that’s so right on the base of any concept you can conjure up. A reflection is a thought, and a thought a reflection. Ever reflect on a thought? Try it and see what you can come up with, because regardless of a sign, a behavior is learned.

Then we could debate that a babies first cry is learned? Well that’s a phenomenon and a miracle that could never be uncovered. It’s just that, a phenomenal miracle. We can all debate on learned behaviors, then learning to crawl or walk, you had to learn. Gathering coping skills is a cognitive behavior and so on. That’s another topic though. A soul is gifted in all areas, whether you learn the skills you need to acquire and activate those attributes is the real question.

Going back to the birth signs. Do we allow it to define us as an individual? Aren’t the experiences we go through and how we handle them and how it shapes us actually determine who we become today? I believe so. I won’t allow a sign to take place of an unrecognized responsibility to any of my own actions in life. A birth sign won’t give us the time of the day to undermine it as a foothold as to why we never change or grow up. It doesn’t define our nature. Once we all start taking on our own responsibility to our actions then will we allow it to define who we are. A birth sign does reflect who are in some aspects of our personality, but it doesn’t define our inner being.

In the meantime, being able to read our horoscopes gives us entertainment, and it will continue to define our ability to see our own selves through the blindfold. Turning over the uncovered to see, well that requires taking the blinders off. Will you or will you not accept that your sign is only that and stop using it to cover up who you truly are.


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