What’s Better Than Happily Ever After? Endless Happiness…

What’s Better Than Happily Ever After? Endless Happiness

What’s better than Happily Ever After? Endless Happiness.

Hollywood has made it a stereotype to ensure that movies end with a “happily ever after”. It’s a skill to take the chaos of a story and turn it into a happy ending with such a limited amount of time. Of course, only if it’s believable and makes sense.

But, have you ever wondered what happened to the characters after the credits? What about daily life? The real nitty-gritty stuff? For us, as a culture of watchers, we are tuned into a “happily ever after”.

Well, not to burst any bubbles, but happily ever after is a fantasy. The good news is, however, that we can be happy forever, which is totally different from happily ever after.

In order to have endless happiness, we need to endlessly work for it, and not go for the quick fixes the ego craves. Happiness is not just something that we attain after beating the bad guy in a CGI showdown.

Every battle counts, but that’s exactly the point: we need to fight every battle against instant gratification (judging others, blame, knowing it all, etc). The reward is endless happiness.

As soon as we put our feet up and think now we can drive off into the sunset, we’ve already lost.

That’s the energy of this week. It wants to show us where we have bought into the happily ever after and it wants us to heal ourselves from the comfort we have found in these chaotic illusions that we just “experience”. Namely, to see where it has taken us and then commit to leaving that behavior behind.

Granted, a lot of this might be under the radar, and there is almost like an anesthesia preventing us from really getting in touch with reality.

But we are moving into the solar month of Scorpio this week, and the ambience will shift into one of investigation and transformation. So, we can stop it. It will require sobriety and the courage to see through the illusion, but it can be stopped and we can, and will, come out stronger and more clear.

Please read my “notable transits” for each day this week or follow me on Twitter to get the updates as they occur.

Have a wonderful week and I thank you for being the one who makes a difference by using Astrolochi.

Weekly Horoscope & Important Transits:

  1. Sunday: Only 2 more days of cosmic balancing. By now we’ve become aware of some ego baggage that we need to get rid of. Join in my Full Moon guided meditation on Tuesday to do just that! Sun 27° Libra, no aspects
  2. Monday: Congratulations! This is the final day of the cosmic balancing. We are at the front door of the next level. We have the extra job to heal denial about ourselves and to stop dressing things up as something they are not. Then, our ability to imagine will have some support from the universe. Moon 25° Pisces conjunct Chiron trine Jupiter 26° Scorpio.
  3. Tuesday: The sun moves into Scorpio today and we’ll all feel the shift into the intense, watery energy it exudes. Right off the bat, we learn that sometimes we need to REALLY move on into order to reach our ideal. Mars 12° Aquarius semi-square Chiron 28° Pisces
  4. Wednesday: Today is the powerful full moon in Taurus. Read my article here. It’s the power of the cosmic cube, which is revealing right in time so that we build upon our new balance. Full Moon 1° Taurus.
  5. Thursday: There is an unrestricted flow of healing today. But, as I always say, healing can be stressful. Why? Because it can bring up things we’d rather not look at. Today, we are being faced with some options, some are delusional and some have real potential. We need to think about our long term goals and whether we can really do what’s necessary to reach them or not. Good luck and may you be victoriously honest! Jupiter 26° Scorpio trine Chiron 28° Pisces
  6. Friday: Following suit with the rest of the week, our sense of harmony and willpower will be challenged by a transiting Uranus that wants to shake us up and activate true harmony & power. We can gain some new meaning, but only if we allow the change. Venus 3° Scorpio conjunct Sun, opposite Uranus 00° Taurus
  7. Saturday: If we want to support our manifestations, we need to walk away from the concern, “what about me?” Selfless acts of kindness and unconditional love will open our hearts to endless happiness so that we won’t settle for a happy ending. Saturn 4° Capricorn sextile Sun 3° & Venus 2° in Scorpio.


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