What Was The Motive Of Human Beings To Come To Earth?…

What Was The Motive Of Human Beings To Come To Earth?

“The essence of human life is to come into one’s nature of the Self (Soul); get awakened and remain only in Self.” – Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan

At some point in life, this question usually arises in everyone’s mind that ultimately what is the real motive behind we coming onto Earth.

While few believe ‘to enjoy and celebrate’ is the sole purpose of life; for many others, life is a journey between birth and death – we are born, parents raise us, thereafter we go to school and take education; then we do a job or business and earn money; we feed the family; get married; produce kids, get them married; and finally in old age, we retire and die! And during this journey, we look for pleasures and try our best to enjoy life. Eg. When the son or daughter is born, we rejoice and distribute sweets to everybody; when we buy a car or new vehicle, we are jubilant and we do puja, share chocolates and go on a long drive; and when we celebrate our birthday, we take blessings from elders and party with friends and family!

…But do you think these pleasures remain forever?

No, they don’t! We experience ‘enjoyment’ on the day of celebration, but the next day is just another ordinary day again, for kids are not born every day and neither do we buy cars nor celebrate birthdays every day. So, celebrations happen and get over; the fun does not last forever! Hence, these are all temporary pleasures.

Human birth is said to be very precious and invaluable as one does not procure it too often.

It is not easy to gain a “Human” form. One has to pass through several births in the process of development, before it becomes eligible to come to Earth as a human being.

• A living being evolves from the initial state of Nigod (without any senses), and

• after countless of years, gets one sense, that of touch (eg. Trees, etc.), and

• after many, many births, develops into a two sensed being possessing the senses of touch and taste (eg. Worms, insects, microbes in stale food, termites, etc.);

• again after several births in a two sensed being, it then develops into a three sensed being having the senses of touch, taste and smell (eg. Bugs, lice, white ants, moths and insects in grains, centipedes, etc.),

• then as a four sensed being wherein the senses of touch, taste, smell and sight are developed (eg. Spiders, scorpions, crickets, beetles, locusts, flies, etc.),

• as a five sensed being with all the five senses of touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing in action (cow, lions, fish, birds, etc.)

• and finally it comes to Earth as a human being!

Thus, it doesn’t sound right that we come to Earth only to gain such temporary pleasures. There should be a deeper “MOTIVE”, isn’t it?

So, what is this “MOTIVE”?

The ultimate motive of a human being is to attain liberation from the cycle of birth and death and go to Moksha where it experiences eternal bliss i.e. permanent happiness.

It is only from a human form that liberation is possible. From no other life-form can one attain salvation. This is what makes ‘Human’ birth precious. And this is the reason even the celestial beings have an intense desire to acquire a human form.

If as a human, one meets a Gnani Purush, the Enlightened One, then he can acquire liberation.

Why is it important to achieve Liberation?

When one dies, based on his karmas, he takes rebirth in one of the four life forms – Hell, Celestial world, Animal world, or as a Human. For example, if he bound good karmas by helping others, he will go to a higher life-form. On the other hand, if he has bound bad karmas by giving pain to others, he will have to suffer much more pain in a lower life-form! But ultimately, in every life form, there is pain and suffering:

In Hell – Our body constantly goes through lot of torturous pain.

In Celestial World — We may get good food and other luxuries, but people living there carry lot of jealousy and competition and hence most of the time is spent in quarrels and politics!

In Animal World – We have to spend all our life hunting for food, water, shelter and security, and yet one doesn’t get anything of one’s own taste and choice.

In Human world – We all know the kind of stress and pain that we go through every day until we attain liberation.

Thus, in various life forms, one keeps suffering and wandering. And therefore, the motive of becoming a ‘Human’ should undoubtedly be that of achieving Liberation and getting out of this vicious cycle.

To attain Liberation, we need Self-Realization

Liberation means the Soul’s wandering comes to an end. And to arrive at this end, one starts by attaining Self-Realization. Through Akram Vignan that reveals the stepless path to Self-Realization, it is possible to achieve it in less than an hour’s time with the grace of Gnani, the Enlightened One!!!

For more information on this, you may please visit https://www.dadabhagwan.org

“The Soul has spent endless lives for the body, if the body were to live just one life for the Soul, your purpose will be fulfilled.” – Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan


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