What Should We Do To Earn The Love And Presence Of God?…

What Should We Do To Earn The Love And Presence Of God?

The epics teach the path of devotion and surrender. They ask that one should do every deed in a spirit of dedication. Allow the wind of doubt or the sun of despair to affect the pot of Ananda (bliss) you have filled, and it will evaporate quickly. But keep the pot in the cool waters of good company and good deeds; it can be preserved undiminished for ever. Ananda too grows when you dwell on it in silence and recapitulate the circumstances which yielded it. That is why manana or inner reflection is such an important part of spiritual effort. Like the child which throws off its toys and starts crying, you too must realise the paltriness of the toys of fame and fortune, and call out for the Mother. The child feels that all else is trash before the love of the Mother and the blessedness of Her presence. One should not aspire for anything less.


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