What Should Be Done To Get Rid Of This Vicious Cycle Of Happiness & Misery?…

What Should Be Done To Get Rid Of This Vicious Cycle Of Happiness & Misery?

Yes, it’s true that happiness and misery alternates in this world. Worldly happiness is always followed by misery, just like day is followed by night.

For instance, a child may find happiness when he is given a chocolate, but when someone takes it away from him, he is miserable. One feels happy if he gets to eat a delicious dish, but this happiness doesn’t last for a long time. Misery follows when he is not served delicious food in his next meal. And suppose he is lucky enough to get grand food to eat daily, even then misery follows when he is bored and fed up of grand meals and desires to eat something simple.

It’s because any material happiness is temporary in nature. It arises, stays for some time and then dies down.

What should be done to get rid of this cycle?

Adopt the right understanding….

Worldly happiness and misery are both delusions. If a person is in the hot sun for a long time, he feels misery due to the heat. At that time if he finds a tree, he feels happy to be in its shade. However, if he is made to sit under that tree the whole night, then he will feel misery even there.

Wherever there is moha (attachment), there is misery.

We find happiness when we are attached to a person and both care for each other. But when we get hurt by the same person for some reason? It makes us miserable.

Why does one experience miseries in this world?

It is because one’s ‘vision’ is not clear.

Our own anger-pride-deceit-greed are the ones that give pain. They only are our inner enemies; there is no other enemy out there. Outside, they are all only a nimit (evidentiary doer).

But our wrong vision makes us accuse the nimit. When one attains the right belief, one gets the solution. As the wrong understanding leaves and the right understanding comes about, there is permanent happiness.

Right understanding is that which helps find happiness in the state of unhappiness. We can attain right understanding by realizing our true Self (Self-realization). Our true Self is Pure Soul, which itself is God.

It is due to the ignorance of our own Soul that we are estranged from God, and we are facing so many miseries in worldly life. God has never experienced any misery. God is the abode of endless bliss.

When by the process of Self-realization, we realize that our real Self is God, we get the right belief.

All the suffering in the world is due to the wrong belief that, ‘ I am John (insert your name here), and I am the doer of everything that is happening. With the ‘right belief’ that ‘I am pure Soul’ and ‘I am not the doer’, there is no suffering at all.

Is it possible for us to attain Self-realization by ourselves?

No. Suppose a person is tied by a rope to a pole. A pair of scissors may be right by his side, but the man cannot pick up the scissors and cut the rope by himself as his hands are tied. He can be freed only by someone who is free and can cut the rope. Once the rope is cut, we can put in efforts to get liberated completely. Similarly here, Gnani Purush is the one who has attained Self-realization and can make others attain the same. When we go to Him, we attain Self-realization in no time, free of cost.

We get rid of the cycle of worldly happiness and misery.

We remain untouched amidst the worldly life then and we begin to remain in the state of eternal bliss..


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