What Must We Do To Lead A Life That Reflects Our Innate Divinity?…

What Must We Do To Lead A Life That Reflects Our Innate Divinity?

It is your duty to see that your conduct is right and you lead a righteous life, regardless of circumstances! Transform your heart by making it pure and sacred. Purity is the true characteristic of every human being. Purity should be manifested in everything one does: in your thoughts, in what you see or say, and in all that you do. It is only when you display such purity that you truly can become embodiments of the Divine Atma, that you really are! Then the distinction between the Divine and the mundane disappears and everything is Divinised. The difference between the object and the subject will also go. Everything then becomes the whole (purnam). Resolve today to turn your thoughts to God, to strive to purify your heart and senses, so that you can attain Self-realisation.


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Priti Saigal

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I am a seeker of spiritual enchanted enlightenment. I am looking for inner peace and sanctity to fulfill the desire…

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