What Makes A Golden Opportunity Towards Enlightenment?…

What Makes A Golden Opportunity Towards Enlightenment?

“Go to the One who has become free; and request him, “Sir, make me free.” That is the ultimate solution, the best solution. ‘Who am I?’ – once this is decided, one can attain liberation (become free). And if one does not meet with a Gnani Purush then, until then, one should read the books of a Gnani Purush”, says Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan.

It means our meeting with Gnani Purush, the Enlightened One, is the golden opportunity towards Enlightenment.

How does meeting Gnani Purush make a golden opportunity towards enlightenment?

That which removes the egoism of the false ‘I’ and the attachment towards all of ‘my’ is the true instrument. And this instrument is the Gnani Purush, the Enlightened One!!!

He who has attained moksha himself and has set out to give moksha to others is the only one that can give moksha. Therefore, meeting such an Enlightened being is what makes a golden opportunity towards enlightenment. Just like a lit candle can light other candles, similarly, the Enlightened One can enlighten us!

What are the characteristics of the Enlightened One, whereby we can recognize Him?

Such a person is easily recognizable because He is like a bright glowing light. The fragrance of his spiritual presence is widespread around him. The qualities of the Enlightened One are such that he captivates our mind. From the moment we meet him, we are filled with wonder and admiration for him! His speech, behaviour and humility conquer our mind. Our mind continues to remain captivated in him all the time!

How do we find the Enlightened One?

To find the Enlightened One is indeed a big deal.

For infinite lives, we have followed the knowledge in books, and even then we have only wandered and wandered from one life to another. Once we find the Enlightened One, there is an end to the spiritual seeking.

The one who desires liberation (enlightenment) will get everything naturally – such is the law! So, the desire to become free must be there. Then it does not take long nor too many efforts are required to find the Enlightened One.

What are the qualifications that we, as a seeker, require to progress towards enlightenment?

If we find the Enlightened One, there is no other qualification that we require as a seeker. The fact that we met Him is in itself our qualification; the qualification of having the highest merit karma to our credit! And after meeting the Enlightened One, we only need to carry out the instructions that he gives us for our progress on the spiritual path.

Worldly qualifications in fact cause many to have an intoxicated ego of ‘knowing’. And this intoxicated ego is what gets in the way of having the qualifications and meeting the Enlightened One. Qualified people (in the worldly sense) are usually reserved. They keep a distance and hence miss out on this golden opportunity towards enlightenment.

Instead, why not put all our intellect to rest, surrender in his feet and request, ‘Sir, I have no common sense. I leave everything unto you. I am now in your hands. You find a solution towards my enlightenment.’ The Enlightened One will happily do everything that is required to enlighten our Soul. They never ask for anything else nor do they look for any qualification in us.

After surrendering to the enlightened One, we do not have to do anything else

Just like a new-born does not have to do anything, his mother takes care of everything; in the same way, after surrendering to the Enlightened being, we do not have to do anything towards enlightenment. Total surrender to the Enlightened One is all that is needed. Then the work is done. If you have the intent of complete surrender, then all your work will be done. However, that surrender needs to be of the mind, speech and body.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan emphatically says, “To whomever you surrender your intellect; you will attain the energies of that person. If you have surrendered, then you will attain everything of his. Just as we join two tanks with a pipe, then no matter how much water is in one tank, the other tank will bear the same level of water. That is the power of samarpan (surrender of the mind speech and the body).”

How do I know who I should surrender to?

If you find a Virat Purush – a person who dissolves your ego; then you should surrender to him. He indeed is the Enlightened One!!!

A person who takes away another’s ego is considered to be a Viraat Purush. Someone who can take away our ego; he who annihilates our ego to pieces, is called a Viraat! When the ego departs, we know that we have come face to face with a Great one. So, surrender to the One you consider to be a ‘Virat Purush’, otherwise there is no point of surrendering. If you feel that he is a great man and all his deeds are outstanding, then you should surrender to him.

Surrender to the Living One

When we surrender to the great souls that lived thousands of years ago, it will give us the benefit of spiritual progress; but there is no liberation without meeting the Living Virat Purush. If you find such a living person, then your liberation will be instant. The compassion of the Enlightened One is unparallel. He has dedicated his entire life for the purpose of salvation of the world.

Hence, make an ardent desire to meet such Enlightened One as soon as possible. The day you meet him will indeed prove to be a golden opportunity for you to attain enlightenment.

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