What Kind Of Life Is Free From Hardship Sorrow And Despair?…

What Kind Of Life Is Free From Hardship Sorrow And Despair?

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, an enlightened being, says,

“The eternal light of Knowledge manifests within, only when one’s needs and desires are all completely dissolved.”

Liberation means to be completely free, freedom from all worldly miseries!

So now, to be free from hardship, sorrow and despair, you have desire for liberation only. Even if one were to desire liberation just once, then one will happen to meet Gnani for sure, and will achieve liberation.

Liberation is the very nature of the Self.

For instance – water, by its inherent nature, is cool in temperature.

You may have to put in effort if you have the desire to heat it, but is any effort required to cool the water? No, the water cools on its own as its very nature is so. Similarly, in reality, we are free from all hardships, miseries, etc. We are really a pure Soul, which is made up of infinite knowledge and eternal bliss. That’s the very nature of our Self.

Soul is an eternal light of knowledge. That’s what we really are!

But the layers of ignorance create dense illusion and thereby prevent us from knowing this reality. This illusion can be destroyed by a Gnani, the Enlightened One.

Let’s understand how this illusion comes up…

With train, what happens? When the neighbouring train on another track moves, you feel, “Oh! My train has started.” But really your train is on the platform only. The neighbouring train moved, but due to illusion, you feel, “My train has moved.”

Very similarly, John (please insert your name here) and you are so much near to each other, that whatever happens to John, you feel, ‘I am suffering. I am feeling. I am involved in that.” You are really a Pure Soul and John is a representative of all matter.

Suppose some proportion of gold and some proportion of copper form a mixture, then, a bangle or earring becomes. If gold would be alive, he would say, “I am bangle, I am green.” However, the goldsmith knows the reality. So, he would give the right knowledge to gold, saying, “You are not bangle, you are really pure gold.”

Similarly when two eternal elements, namely the Soul and the matter come together, you begin to believe, “I am John. I want to be free from hardship, sorrow and despair.” But when you come to Gnani, the Enlightened One, he will say, “Really you are not John. You are Pure Soul.”

Gnani gives real knowledge to you, “All this relative (related to John) is temporary, and the real is permanent. You are really Pure Soul. You are infinite knowledge. You are infinite bliss. You are permanent. You are immortal.””

Self-Realization is the first step towards Liberation.

In Akram Vignan, by giving Self-Realization, within two hours, Gnani changes our wrong belief (formed out of illusion) to right belief that John is separate. In these two hours, Gnani destroys the veils of ignorance that are sitting over our Soul and deluding our right vision. And then, He bestows upon us the divine vision of, ‘I am a Pure Soul’. This process is called Gnan Vidhi (Self-Realization).

Thereafter, you can go wherever you desire. This Gnan (real knowledge) will now remain with you all the time until you achieve final liberation. Your miseries will cease and the inside will be purified, because of which, you will experience bliss, eternal bliss!

How is the inside purified?

After Self-Realization, your belief gets changed. Then, whatever mistakes happened by you while in the wrong belief, now you resolve those mistakes with the awareness that, ‘I am a Pure Soul. I am Knower and Seer only.’

What was your mistake?

You believed, ‘I am the doer. I am the sufferer.’ Now, you resolve these mistakes with the five principles that Gnani gives you. When there remains no mistake, ultimate liberation will take place.

Thus, let’s desire to realize our real Self, the pure Soul now. For this, we shall go to Gnani, because the enlightened can kindle light in others, isn’t it? Gnani therefore is our Liberator and the Saviour!!!


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