What Is The Ultimate Truth Which People Involved In Spiritual Practices Want To Know?…

What Is The Ultimate Truth Which People Involved In Spiritual Practices Want To Know?

Right from childhood, we are taught the value of truth in life. And as we grow older, we get to learn different facets of truth from our surroundings.

Never lie, be honest and straightforward in your dealings, practice morality and nobility in life are some of the teachings we grow up with, so that we can lead a happy worldly life and also progress well on the path of spirituality; and on the other hand, we are also taught that deception, acquiring worldly things through treachery, saying lies and practicing dishonesty in life means moving away from the truth, this will bring you disgrace and suffering in future life.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, an amazing spiritual researcher, further specifies that if one wants to attain Liberation, then the ultimate truth needs to be known.

What is the Ultimate Truth?

The ultimate truth is the Self. The Self is the Pure Soul.

On the spiritual path, when people say, they want to realize the ultimate truth, they mean they want to realize the Self.

All along, we have always believed, ‘I am John (please insert your own name here), I am this, I am that.’ But this is wrong belief! It’s a worldly truth, with respect to something. Hence, it is a relative truth. For example, we believe ‘I am John’, but it is a truth with respect to this body. Tomorrow, when the body perishes, John is no more. We believe ‘I am rich’, but that again is with respect to money. Tomorrow, if money is no more, ‘I am rich’ becomes a false statement. Hence, the relative truth is a temporary truth, not the permanent or the ultimate truth. Really, we are a Pure Soul. That is a permanent or the ultimate truth.

To know the ultimate truth means to know ‘who am I?’ When we realize, ‘I am a Pure Soul’, we have realized the ultimate truth!

How do we realize the Ultimate Truth?

The ultimate truth is beyond all the worldly truths. This truth cannot be realized through teachings or from mere surroundings. One has to experience it within. Hence, only a Gnani, the Enlightened One, who has attained Self-Realization and has the divine spiritual powers to make others attain Self-Realization too, can make us realize the ultimate truth.

Today, Akram Science has made it possible for all of us, for every common man, to realize this truth with the direct grace of the Living Gnani in just two hours time, in a ceremony called ‘Gnanvidhi’, the Self Realization ceremony.

In the Self-Realization Ceremony, the Soul is awakened!

In the Self Realization (Gnan) ceremony, when Gnani graces us with the knowledge of the Self, we come to the right belief of, ‘I am a Pure Soul.’ Gnani gives us full knowledge of what are the properties of the Soul, what are the properties of the matter, how they are separate from us, how we are a Pure Soul, how matter is governed by scientific circumstantial evidence, etc. That is when we realize, ‘I am a Pure Soul.’

This experience is beyond mind, beyond intellect, beyond our ego. This is a fact. The scientific circumstantial evidence are the doer and I am a Pure Soul is a universal fact. After thousands of years too, the fact remains as it is permanent.

We are really a Pure Soul. That’s why we can say that, ‘I am a Pure Soul.’ But only after Self-Realization i.e. after we get the right belief, we can say that, ‘I am a Pure Soul’, not otherwise. Only then it is a truth for us, not otherwise.

Therefore, people who want to realize the ultimate truth should, at their earliest convenience, attend the Self-Realization Ceremony and get their want fulfilled with the divine grace of the Living Gnani!!!


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In June 1958, spontaneous Self-Realization occurred within Ambalal M. Patel. From this point on, Ambalal became a Gnani Purush, and…

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