What Is The Ultimate Purpose Of Life And How Can We Get Out Of This Materialistic World?…

What Is The Ultimate Purpose Of Life And How Can We Get Out Of This Materialistic World?

When asked to people what is the ultimate purpose of your life, each one would have his own answer. For few, it is securing a handsome job, while for some a lavish and comfortable lifestyle is the ultimate purpose in life, and for many others, it could be settling in a good relationship or something else.

Nevertheless, in worldly life, change is the only constant.

Things change with time, and so do the meaning they carry. A job we may have hated at first may turn out to be extremely lucrative in course of time, or an apparent failure may open up hitherto unexplored opportunities. On the other hand, a person or a relationship may bring happiness at first, but gradually in it could come problems untold. Similarly, a certain type of lifestyle that initially looks to be comforting and rewarding, begins to feel burdensome when we see how it is making us dependent and inflexible.

As one experiences this phenomenon more and more, one comes to a point when he realizes that, that which changes its meaning or value by the time we catch up to it, certainly cannot be the ultimate purpose of life.

So what really is the ultimate purpose of life?

Know Thyself! is the unique and universal answer given by all Enlightened beings!!! Let’s try to understand what does this mean?

In our worldly life, normally we assume so many identities eg. one may be a mother, a daughter, a wife, a leader, a follower, all at once. But do you know all these identities are relative, for they depend on someone or something external in order to exist? The person is a mother in relation to her child, a daughter in relation to her parents, etc.

One may say, “I am Claudet (reader may insert one’s own name here)” and could claim that this identity is not dependant on anything external. Thinking a bit deeper, we would realize that ‘Claudet’ is just a name, which can be changed anytime if circumstances demand. But while your name changes, do you change? No!

Who are you really?

Have you ever wondered, “Really who am I? Why am I here and what am I really supposed to do?”

The identities that we identify ourselves with in this materialistic world are like masks which can be put on or put aside depending on the circumstances. But what if all these masks go absent one day? Who are you then?

The tyranny is that we do not know our own real Self, the original Self, which is not subject to any change, which is independent and permanent!

It is this being that the spiritual sciences refer to, when they talk about the ‘true Self’. And this is why all Enlightened beings, in one voice, urge to us that seeking the answer to this most important question, ‘who am I?’ is the ultimate purpose of life.

How do we achieve this ultimate purpose of life?

By attaining Self-Realization!!

We are nothing but the Pure Soul, which resides in every living being. This indeed is the real Self of every being. To realize this real identity is the ultimate purpose of life.

The general belief is that in order to attain Self-Realization, we ought to get out of this materialistic world? The good news is – You don’t need to, if you understand Akram Vignan!!

Akram Vignan is the spiritual science that offers the step-less path to Self-Realization.

Let’s see how this happens….

The Soul within is the real Self, and its inherent nature is to always remain pure. However, owing to the ignorance of the Self that prevails in us since ages, there are layers and layers of karmas that have covered our Soul. It is only when the obstruction of these deluding karmas is removed, that we can realize the Soul.

In the current time cycle, things are not the same like they used to be around two and a half thousand years ago. Not everyone can renounce the materialistic world today, do tough and rigorous penances as a recluse to discard the obstructions one by one, and gradually make a step-by-step progress on the path of Self-Realization. Even if one claims to manage it all, it will take very, very long to get there, isn’t it?!

However, we are immensely fortunate to have Akram Vignan! Here, the Living Gnani, who has the divine spiritual power to remove these obstructions, does so and helps us attain Self-Realization!!! Hence, this is called a step-less path, where one attains Self-Realization directly with the divine grace of Akram Gnani!!!

The key here is to remain separate from (i.e. not identify with) the external masks of our worldly self namely Claudet, mother, daughter, etc., and maintain awareness of the Soul, our real Self, instead. Staying under the guidance of Gnani and His teachings, as the awareness of the Soul increases, it automatically leads to devalue of our materialistic attachments; making it possible to live in this materialistic world in a detached and happy state amidst our relations. The understanding that ‘I’ am different from the mind, body and speech makes it easy for us to navigate with equanimity, the labyrinths of everyday life, while ensuring that no one gets hurt in the process, thereby avoiding further karmic obligations on our Soul.

The Gnan (Knowledge of the Self), that we receive from Gnani replaces our wrong belief of “I am Claudet” with the right belief of “I am a Pure Soul” and leads us away from the darkness of ignorance towards the light of knowledge, thus opening the way to become free of all bondages without having to get out of the materialistic world.

Thus, attaining Self-Realization is the ultimate purpose of life, which leads us to the state of eternal bliss. With Akram Vignan, the said purpose of life can be achieved while living in this very materialistic world


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