What Is The True Meaning Of Brahmacharya? Can Married People Do it? If Yes Then How?…

What Is The True Meaning Of Brahmacharya? Can Married People Do it? If Yes Then How?

Brahmacharya means:

Practice Celibacy (not indulging in sex),

Dwelling in the real Self i.e. the Pure Soul.

Practice Celibacy:

Let me introduce you to a quote from Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the Self-Enlightened Spiritual Master.

“What is Brahmacharya (celibacy through the mind, speech, and body)? When that which has been filled in (the food we eat) does not get discharged (the final extract of food; semen), that is Brahmacharya. In fact, the one whose input (Puran) is under control can practice Brahmacharya!”

Brahmacharya is the life force of the Human body

It is the essence of the food we eat and drink, and that essence is semen. Semen, is the ultimate extract of food. When we indulge in sex or masturbation, we lose the semen which weakens our body. On the other side, if we preserve the semen, we gain brilliant aura; powerful concentration and will power; and a glowing look.

By practicing Brahmacharya, we can elevate ourselves on the path of spiritual practice. Having sexual activity is nothing but a bunch of wrong beliefs. We think that sex activity / sexuality gives us peace and happiness. But it does not. Our body is made up of blood, flesh, and bones, so how can someone enjoy sex after knowing what the body is filled up with! Body contains urine and faeces as waste in urinary bladder and rectum. Therefore, ultimately, we are coming in contact with somebody else’s waste and excreta. Not to mention the sweat of the body, which is also excreta. Sex/sexual activity will not give us any pleasure once we know this real truth.

Married people can Practice Brahmacharya by Remaining Loyal to their Spouse

Married people can also practice brahmacharya. In this Kaliyug (descending bad era), Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says that, if you are married, then be loyal to your spouse. You should not be sexually attracted to any other person other than your spouse. If you involve yourself in illicit sex with any other person, then you will bind very heavy demerit Karmas which will directly take you to hell in the next birth. Therefore, loyalty in marriage is required and that itself is Brahmacharya for those married.

Look for a Solution that has Acceptance and Agreement of Both Husband and Wife in It

Spouses should have sex only when both of them are interested to have it. If one wants it and the other does not want it then that will create a conflict. Both should be interested, this way there will be harmony at home. Some may even decide on the frequency that they will be comfortable with, such as once a week. That too may sometimes work out for the couple.

To Be in Real Self is the True Meaning of Brahmacharya

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says:

“The Self itself is Brahmacharya. The One who attains the bliss of the Self never has thoughts of sexuality at all!”

To dwell constantly in the bliss of Self is the real and the ultimate meaning of Brahmacharya

The Self means Pure Soul. We all are Pure Souls; that is our True Identity. Our body does not survive more than few years, what survives and is immortal is the Pure Soul that exists within our body. We keep taking birth and rebirth as we do not have the knowledge of the True Self. We believe that, “I am Sachin (please place your name here)” but that is a wrong belief. The right belief is that, “I am a Pure Soul.” After death, we lose everything – our home, family, wealth and name; what remains is only the karmas we created and the Pure Soul.

The Pure Soul has always remained pure. Our good or bad karmas may cover it; but it can never make the Soul impure, such is the property of our Soul, the real Self. It is full of divine knowledge, vision and energy; it is made up of eternal bliss. And to dwell in this infinite knowledge, infinite vision and infinite energy and infinite bliss is the true meaning of Brahmacharya.

How do we Change our belief from a Wrong one to that which is Right, ‘I am a Pure Soul’?

Just go to the foot of the webpage https://www.dadabhagwan.org/self-realization/ where you shall find a form which you may fill. In response, you shall receive the necessary information to attain Self-Realization from Param Pujya Deepakbhai, an ardent and committed follower of Parma Pujya Dada Bhagwan.

He conducts Self-Realization Ceremony (Gnanvidhi) whereby in just 2 hours time, you can attain Self-Realization. For this, no money is charged whatsoever, and once you are Self-Realized, you can stay in bliss forever! Since the source of this bliss is within, you find no need then to take temporary pleasures from outside.

After Self-Realization, even married begin to find the pleasure from sex as very bland because they have now tasted the eternal bliss of the Pure Soul, which keeps tempting them to dwell constantly in the awareness of the real Self. Thus, this is the true and ultimate meaning of Brahmacharya!


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