What Is The Strength Of The Mind?…

What Is The Strength Of The Mind?

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the Enlightened being, explains what exactly mind is:

Mind is the best and the greatest of all things. Your mind of today is a display of your past life. Whatever you were doing and whatever you were involved in, in your past life, today that is all there within, in the form of basic points.

The mind of today means our beliefs of the past. Whatever belief-knowledge you had in your past; that is what this (current life’s) mind is. And the belief-knowledge of this life will be the mind for the next life.”

If in our past life, we had done a strong bhaav (inner intent) that, ‘hard work never fails’, then that’s what is bound to reflect in our present life all the time.

“A seed was sown because of the intent you had. Based on the kind of thoughts that your mind presents before you right now, you can know what it must have been like in the past life. One can tell whether one was a mendicant, a noble man, a philanthropist or a pauper. One can know all this. It is indeed a photograph of his past life. But this is the basic foundation, fundamental; otherwise it is all very vast if one were to describe it to you. And from that, one can deduce how developed he is!” says Param Pujya Dadashri.

Do you believe in ‘Hard work never fails’?

My belief is governed by the teachings of Gnani, the Enlightened One. So let’s hear what Gnani says:

“Nobody is independent enough to do anything. There are so many circumstances – when they get together, things happen. When it rains, who is there in the sky making water? It is all natural. It is scientific circumstantial evidences.

Same way in our life also, circumstances come together and things happen.

And as a Soul, you are just an observer of all of that. But you do not know, ‘I am a Soul.’ So you believe, ‘I am John (please insert your name here) and I did it.’”

Really speaking, John is one of the circumstances in doing anything. eg. when we make a cup of tea, other things are also there to help the work, isn’t it? Without them, would only our hard work suffice? No! So, only when all circumstances come together, tea is successfully made! And our Soul is out of the chain of circumstances.

We are really a pure Soul!

Gnani says, “Since you are ignorant of your real Self, you become the doer, “I am John, I did it.” Once you become the doer, you have to be the sufferer. The action and reaction are equal and opposite.

When you have a belief, “I did”, that is a wrong belief. That wrong belief is the action, and hence reaction will come. Reaction could come as, “Oh John, you did a very good job. Good hard-work!” from people. So you will be happy. Or someone will say, “Oh you spoiled the job.” Then you will feel bad. You will suffer in the form of unhappiness.

Happiness or unhappiness is bound to come in reaction of the action

However, after Self-Realization, you realize, ‘I am really a pure Soul, and my function is to only see and know.’ As a Soul, you just observe all the circumstances. You see, ‘Oh, the mind is functioning right now, the intellect took this decision, ego and jealousy has arisen. You will be aware of all of this, and at the same time, you are aware that this is all in John and not in me. You feel the separation and you experience total bliss inside.

When you become the doer, tension is on your head. But really, circumstances are the doer. So you are free. I am not the doer whether it results in success or not. So you remain tension-free. You do your job, the work cannot be stopped or avoided. And put in your best effort, do the hard work. But previously you believed, ‘I am doing.’ Now, after Self-Realization, you realize that, ‘This all happens by the circumstances and John is one of the circumstances.’ Since there is no new action, there will not come any new reaction. Whatever job John is seen doing is a result of the past karma. He had made intentions in the past; therefore this job has come for John to do. John does it and the task is achieved.

You, the Soul, just remain a spectator, like you are seeing a movie. It is like watching the movie of John – sometimes there is tragedy, sometimes there is joy and fun. It is all a movie!

So, go meet Gnani, attain Self-Realization from Him, and thereafter, just enjoy the movie! 👍


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