What Is The Role Of Nishkaama Karma In Business Ethics…

What Is The Role Of Nishkaama Karma In Business Ethics

In Geeta, Lord Krishna has given people, one of the most wonderful things in the form of ‘Nishkaam karma’. However, it is important to understand this term ‘nishkaam karma’ in its right meaning, from a Gnani, the Enlightened One.

“Nishkaam karma means, ‘Keep doing your work (your karma) without any attachment or hatred, without any expectation of a reward in return’”, says Gnani.

When an action is performed without a desire of its fruit, such karma is called Nishkaam karma. By doing one’s karma in this manner, his expectations and the bondage of attachment and hatred reduce considerably. Thus, his worldly life runs very smoothly. And when nishkaam karma is practiced in business, one’s businesses too shall run very smoothly and profitably.

The Role of Nishkaam Karma in Business Ethics

The current times are such that most people today are found preoccupied only in how to acquire more wealth. Following this desperate want (desire) of theirs to earn more and more wealth in the business they do, they do not care whether the money that is coming is rightfully belonging to them or not. They are totally blinded by their greed.

However, if one adopts the practice of Nishkaam karma, as taught by Lord Krishna, one can consciously become free from the severe consequences that one will have to bear as a result of cheating others, making a profit by selling adulterated goods or enjoying illicit relationships as a part of their profession. Happiness does not lie in such illegal practices. One is in a constant state of agitation.

Money says to us, ‘Understand this much if you want: you will move on and we will stay behind’. One needs money. But people become obsessed with it.

The purpose of our business should be to serve others; and our intention should be to lessen other people’s misery. This service to others, when done from the heart, sincerely, and without expecting anything in return (with the intent of nishkaam); money will flow to you in abundance.

Nishkaam karma means do everything that is required of you, but without having any kind of expectations in mind.

The role of such Nishkaam karma in the business ethics is that of fetching you happiness that is beyond this world, the spiritual happiness which will make you feel contented. Or else one always remains restless in the greed for more and more of all that is so very temporary.

Happiness is found when one makes one’s spiritual progress as his main production, and the business gains as a by-product in such a production. Owing to lack of right understanding, people have started factories of ‘by-production’ in the name of business. When one acquires liberation from Gnani, this by-production of money, worldly comforts and luxuries will automatically come to him, free of cost (effortlessly).

Gnani explains this, giving a very simple analaogy, “If you run after Lakshmiji (only money), then Narayan (God) will be angry. However, if you worship Narayan and invite him into your home, Lakshmiji will surely follow him.”

Thus, the role of Nishakaam Karma in business ethics is huge; we should always persevere to practice it!

Nevertheless, the ‘DOERSHIP’ itself is the Seed of Karma!

‘I am doing it’ implies the binding of karma is continued.

Param Pujya Dadashri explains, “As long as you have the belief of, ‘I am Chandubhai (you may insert your own name here)’ and you do nishkaam karma, then you will bind merit karma (punya). No matter what, the binding of karma will occur. If you become the ‘doer’, then the bondage of karma is inevitable.”

The true Nishkaam karma cannot be done without first knowing ‘WHO AM I?’

Dadashri specifies, “In truth, without first ascertaining, ‘Who am I?’, nishkaam karma is not possible. How can nishkaam karma be done as long as there is the presence of anger, pride, deceit and greed? One believes he is doing nishkaam karma when the doer is someone else. Whatever activity he does, is all discharge (of past karma). To believe ‘I am doing nishkaam karma’ is itself bondage. As long as there is a doer of nishkaam karma, there is bondage.”

There is no ‘I am the doer’ present in the Nishkaam Karma

That is possible only when Gnani graces us with Self-Realization. With his divine spiritual powers, he puts in a line of separation between the Self (the Pure Soul) and everything other than the Self (the owner of which is Chandubhai), and thus puts us on the path of liberation.

The Central Tenet of Karma Yoga is the Path to Liberation

And the first step on this path of liberation is ‘Self-Realization’ (the experiential knowledge of ‘who am I’) that Lord Krishna (the Gnani) helped Arjun (the spiritual seeker) attain.

Today, we are very fortunate that through Akram Vignan, it’s been possible for all spiritual seekers like you and me to attain the same knowledge (Gnan) of Self-Realization that Lord Krishna bestowed upon Arjun. So, let’s make the best of it NOW!!!


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