What Is The Relation Between Salary And Happiness?…

What Is The Relation Between Salary And Happiness?

Salary implies inflow of money and money is considered to be one of the most important sources to live a happy and prosperous life. This is how one perceives a strong relation between salary and happiness. And based on this perception, one develops a deep attachment and sensitivity too towards the ‘salary’ he earns.

So, first of all, let us assess the veracity of this perception…

Salary makes you financially independent!

Agreed, you can pay your bills on your own, satisfy the needs of those dependant on you, fulfil your personal as well as your loved ones’ ambitions, buy for yourself and your family comfort and luxuries permitted in those limited means, and most important you can face the world with confidence, for you are no more an unsuccessful, unemployed, good for nothing person in the eyes of people. Hence, there is a direct relation between salary and happiness in terms of the financial and social security that salary offers.

Now, let us see the other side of it too…

One is seldom satisfied and contented with the salary he draws.

How many people have you met in life who is genuinely overwhelmed with the salary he gets?

Hardly one in a million?! Most of the people are tormented by a common feeling that they are being exploited by their employers who pay them a much lesser salary than what they actually deserve. And even where one is fine with the fat salary one is drawing, he still wants more. Consequently, he traps himself into a never-ending race to earn more, still more, even more, without taking a pause to ponder upon the fact that, “what for am I running all day long?”

‘What do I do of all this money?’

Furthermore, in today’s world, with the kind of huge salary packages (bundled with wide range of perquisites, Esops, welfare schemes, etc.) being offered by employers, a new botheration has arisen for the salaried people that ‘what do I do of all this money?’

Even after spending money carelessly and in wasteful manner, there still remains an excess. So, where to invest this excess salary earned, how to keep it safe, how to make it grow are the niggling issues that replace all happiness with tension, worries, anger and clashes. Have you noticed this happen? It becomes difficult to manage money yet one cannot let go its attraction!

Hence all-in-all although there is a direct relation between salary and happiness, one distorts this relation miserably. But with the teachings of Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, it is possible to restore things back to normal. Are you interested in knowing how? Come, let us learn how…

1. In reality, the salary we earn is a result of our merit karma.

People claim that owing to their hard work or their intelligence or experience, they are entitled to a higher salary. And based on these beliefs, one keeps running in search of better and lucrative jobs. But the fact of the matter is that only that much money that is destined to come to us comes, nothing more and nothing less! Hence, do not obstruct money if it comes your way and do not go digging for it if it does not. When you adopt this principle in life, whatever salary you earn will always fetch you happiness.

2. Merit karmas are created when you have honest and clear intentions.

While seeking a job, one must have a pure intention to serve in a company which is honest and ethical, and look for a profile where you do not have to practice dishonesty or play with people’s emotions or their hard-earned money. The salary, when earned from such a source, will always bring you good happiness. So maintain clear intentions. Wrong intentions lead to binding of demerit karma. The thoughts that arise with such money are evil and of demerit.

For instance, one borrows money for the monthly expenses, as his salary has fallen short. But he has no intention to repay; and so he plays tricks to get away without having to return the debt. Hurting someone like this does not even bother him as he has already benefitted from it. Nature’s law says that if you have taken debt, you should keep a strong intention to pay it back. By obtaining money by cheating or hurting or by any other means, one binds serious bad karma, the end result of which is enormous misery.

3. Make sure your earnings from salary are pure and right.

Do you know clashes in homes are caused by entry of impure and wrong money? For instance, on behalf of his company, one adulterates products, lies and sells goods to customers, cheats and deceives his clients, and in return draws a higher compensation. Or even personally, one does only 10% worth work but takes 100% of salary for it, or submits wrong expense vouchers in office, takes things from job without asking, etc. This is all dishonest and immoral behaviour.

Just as sex with someone other than your spouse is very wrong, similarly taking money that does not belong to you too is extremely wrong. The effects of both illicit money and illicit sex are highly detrimental; they bring tremendous sufferings in life. On the other hand, when you earn livelihood through right means, you will always have enough money with you. Your mind will be at peace and your life will be quite good and harmonious. So, firmly decide that ‘to the extent possible, wrong money must not enter my home.’ Earn salary through ethical means for ethics are the essence of all worldly interactions. Be extra vigilant that you do not use even one cent of others erroneously, for its future consequences are extremely grave and painful.

4. Let money flow in naturally.

Thoughts such as, ‘How do I earn better salary? How do I build a big bank balance?’ actually create impediments on our path of progress. Moreover, our inner calculations regarding salary make us unnatural outside. And happiness dwells in the natural!

When people with utmost purity pray before the Lord that they want spiritual wealth and not the material wealth, money actually gushes towards them. The reason is that such a prayer, when done with an honest heart, binds enormous merit karma. And as a result, pure money flows to him, even when he has no desire for it. Purity means that there is no beggary for anything. So look forward to developing such purity from now, and leave the rest to God.

5. Give a part of your salary for a good cause.

Param Pujya Dadashri says that people these days are behind earning money whole life. Even if they have enough to last for generations, they still run for more. The intent of ‘I want more’ automatically means ‘the other person should get less’. So indirectly we are hurting others. And can anyone get happiness by hurting others? The reason behind this is our intense insatiable greed for money. Greed makes us perpetually engrossed in anything that becomes dear to us.

But do you know, when one becomes free from attachment and greed, one gets to experience the blissful state of the Pure Soul that resides right within us? For this, we do not have to renounce the worldly life, nor do we have to donate all our money, all we have to do is keep normality and use 5-10% for the good cause. There can never be any shortage when one donates. And there is so much more happiness in making others happy than the happiness you earn from unnecessary salary. So, donate food, medicines, spiritual books, etc. for the benefit and happiness of others.

What is the nature of wealth?

Wealth increases tremendously if used for a good cause, whereas money procured by cheating and stealing leaves behind immense agony and pain in life. After knowing this, we do not want to make any such mistakes and invite suffering for ourselves, do we?

It is very important to clear our past mistakes as well, because when Nature (through the law of karma) comes asking for repayment along with heavy interest levied on it, at that time, we will be in an extremely bad and miserable shape. So come,

• Let us earnestly desire that we do not want to earn salary dishonestly, unrightfully or by taking people for a ride.

• Also, let us look within and see all such incidents since the time we were young up to now, and find out where all these mistakes have happened knowingly or unknowingly through our mind, body and speech, and with whom they’ve happened.

• Then, remembering God, in His presence, let us deeply regret for each of the mistake that has happened, and ask for forgiveness from the people whom we may have duped or hurt, with a vow to never repeat that mistake ever again.

• Additionally, remembering such people, we shall also pray that, “I had caused them such a loss, may they get multi fold more than what they have lost.” And better still, if they are present, then let us go and give them in person and ask for their forgiveness.

Conclusion: There is a direct relation between salary and happiness, provided we learn to remain in normality when earning money and maintain complete honesty and benevolence in all monetary affairs.


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