What Is The Real Source For Joy?…

What Is The Real Source For Joy?

Many believe that joy can be derived from material things. But is this really true? Let’s find out…

You may experience joy when you buy something new or eat your favourite meal or go to the movie. But what happens after the excitement wears out? Your search for happiness begins all over again. Joy that never lasts forever is not found fulfilling and gratifying.

The real source of joy lies in Self-Realization!

All the Enlightened beings have advised that to know really ‘who am I’ is the real source of joy and the ultimate purpose of human life. To fulfil this purpose, from our side all that is required is, we meet Living Gnani, the Enlightened One, who can bestow upon us the knowledge of the (real) Self; and with all humility we request him to grant this knowledge to us!

But to meet the circumstance of meeting a Living Gnani is by no means an ordinary thing! And human life is most invaluable. Therefore, we should earnestly pray to God that may I meet the Living Gnani soon, who can grace me with the knowledge of my real Self, which is the real source of joy.

Now, until we happen to meet the Enlightened One and attain Self-Realization, we can always tap the other pure sources of joy, which in turn will help us get to the real source of joy too.

What are these sources?

God resides in every living being.


1. to not hurt anyone even in the slightest degree, and

2. to try and help others who are in need

should be our purpose of life. These are indeed the pure sources of joy!

When you don’t hurt others; and on the contrary help people, you are fulfilling your purpose in life. This will bring you enormous joy.

Just imagine a simple and selfless act of yours where you got up and gave your seat to some needy in a bus/train. How did you feel at that moment? And now compare it with the joy you felt in your heart when you did the selfish act of grabbing a seat unto yourself.

Untold joy is experienced when we help others; when we make a difference, no matter how small, in the lives of people!

Therefore, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, an enlightened being, has said –

“Oblige each other – that is the enjoyment to be derived, having a human life.”

What are the benefits of putting the needs of others above our own? Let’s understand…

– When we have a constant deep inner intent of wanting to help others who are needy, we find that Nature meets all our needs. When we do anything for the sake of others, as a direct result we will not have to do anything for ourselves; everything gets taken care of automatically. This is the hidden science behind the intent of helping others. However, the desire of helping others should be without any kind of expectation in return – entirely selfless.

– When we spend some of our hard-earned money for the well-being of others, again devoid of craving for any kind of fame and recognition, we get heavily rewarded for it, in this very life and in future too.

– Even if we are just preoccupied with thoughts of helping others, we bind very good karmas which take us ahead on the path of our spiritual progress.

Foundation of human life begins with an obliging nature. Deep joy can be found in serving others. Because when we give happiness, we get happiness. And if we give unhappiness, that’s what we’ll get in return. By hurting others, we cause unhappiness to them. Therefore, we are advised by the Enlightened Ones to take utmost care that no hurt is ever caused to any living being through our mind, speech or body.

To harness a deep inner intent to this effect, daily, first thing in the morning, we shall pray to God by saying the following prayer at least five times,

“Dear Lord, May no living being be ever caused hurt through my thoughts, words or actions.”

To conclude:

The real source of joy begins with our Self and our inner intent to not hurt others, rather help people. We do not encounter any obstacles in life then. So, why wait? Let’s go for it now!


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