What Is The Purpose Of Nightmares?…

What Is The Purpose Of Nightmares?

When we dream we are tapping into the world of the subconscious mind. This is where repressed emotions can be accessed that can help us understand things that are beyond the conscious waking mind. We are at a lower level of functioning of the mind and we can access, understand, and release emotions that might be plaguing us without us being totally aware of it.

In the waking conscious mind we can experience trauma and painful emotions. They get stored in the body and in our natural state these memories and emotions want to be released.

This is why people who have experienced trauma commonly struggle with recurring nightmares. They are releasing memories and emotions that might feel too scary for the conscious waking mind to access or acknowledge on a daily basis.

When you have a nightmare you can actually think of it as your mind healing itself and releasing trapped emotions that are stuck in the subconscious. Trapped emotions are the root cause of disease within the body and of being out of alignment. Nightmares can also give us more insight into the suffering of our own soul and emotional body— what types of trauma it has been through, big or small.

For instance, growing up, I experienced a lot of feelings of being excluded. Just this morning I woke up from a dream in which this was a theme. It was very uncomfortable for me to feel that way and it is something I felt many times, over and over again, within my family system as well as sometimes at school. You wouldn’t think that such a minor-seeming thing would still be affecting me, but the past impacts how we feel in the present moment, until we release it.

We cannot necessarily avoid being exposed to traumatic events but we can heal from the impact and damage it has upon our psyche, our physical body, and our energetic body.


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