What Is The Proof That The Body Has A Soul?…

What Is The Proof That The Body Has A Soul?

The proof that the body has a Soul is that the person is moving, laughing, breathing, eating. This is because a being can be living only if there is a Soul within. The Soul is the life energy! Without a Soul, there is no life! Have you ever seen a body once the Soul has left? A body without a Soul implies the body is lifeless or dead.

Soul is subtle in form, hence it cannot be seen. It can be fully experienced though. For example, we cannot see air, but we can understand that air is there. We cannot see the fragrance, but we are convinced that it is perfume. Similarly, if anything is living, one is convinced that there is a Soul inside.

The Soul has always existed, and this is our real form!

The Soul is an eternal element, and this is what we really are! Yes, in reality, we are an eternal Soul, But for infinite past lives, the Soul has been hidden beneath the veils of ignorance that have totally covered it. Due to this, we have been unable to experience the real Self, and that is why we suspect the existence of the Soul. On the other hand, we keep searching for answers to “the presence of the Soul?”

Once we attain the experience of the Soul, then no doubt shall remain. For that, we need to know really, “Who am I?”. If a living Enlightened being, who has experienced the Soul, bestows upon us this real knowledge (graces us with Self-Realization), we can, very easily, begin to experience the Self. The experience of our real Self, the Soul, never leaves then. Thereafter, the awareness that ‘I am a pure Soul’ exists naturally.

The attributes of the Soul

Just as we recognise perfume by its fragrance; we can recognise the Soul from the Soul’s attributes.

Attributes or properties convey one’s intrinsic nature. When can we call gold as gold? Only when it has the attributes of gold, i.e. it exhibits the properties that are intrinsic to gold. Brass can look and shine just like gold if it is polished enough. However, if a goldsmith tests it, he would be able to tell that this is not gold, based on the intrinsic properties of that metal. Similarly, the Soul too can be known from its properties or qualities.

Here are a few qualities of the Soul!

The natural characteristics of the Soul are in abundance. While infinite knowledge, infinite vision, infinite energy, and infinite bliss are the main attributes, there are so many others too.

The Soul is life energy. The Soul exists in the form of light (of knowledge)! It is an eternal element that spans through the past, present, and future. The Soul is immortal, immiscible, and invisible; it is still; it never hurts nor is hurt by anyone – such are the various qualities of the Soul. These are innate natural qualities; qualities that will never change. Nothing can alter the innate natural qualities of our Soul and this is our real form!

To conclude: The Soul, for sure, exists in a body that is living, without which the body will be declared dead. The Soul is our real Self, and not the body! Hence, the ultimate purpose of our life should be to attain Self-Realization i.e. we should gain the knowledge of the real Self.


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