What Is The Most Important Purpose One Can Ever Live For?…

What Is The Most Important Purpose One Can Ever Live For?

Human life is precious

To be born as a human is extremely fortunate, for it is from the human form alone that one can become free – free from all misery and sufferings, free from the bondage of life afterlife!

Thus, the most important purpose one can ever live for is this only – liberation!

And to accomplish this purpose in life, there are two types of goals that one needs to strive for:

The first goal being, ‘not to cause slightest hurt to any living being’.

Let’s make this our goal in life. Life is an echo! Hence, every deed of ours has its consequence. So, if we do our best not to hurt others, the same shall return to us. And thus, we automatically get liberated from the trouble of undergoing a lot of unnecessary misery and pain in life.

Next comes the ultimate goal of ‘breaking free from the bondage of being reborn life after life’ While in human form, the living being is generally trapped in a labyrinth of merit karma and demerit karma, and is therefore subject to endless wandering by way of birth and death and again rebirth in one of the four life forms namely: celestial, human, animal or hell; there is no liberation from it. Therefore, to attain eternal liberation from the bondage of karma is the prime purpose of human life, for which, Self-realisation is imperative to have.

How to live life whereby we do not hurt any living being?

Every morning, we will recite the following sentence five times, very sincerely and heartily:

‘May no living being be hurt even to the slightest extent through my mind, speech and body.’

This prayer helps us foster a totally positive intent within.

And later, through the day, if we happen to hurt anyone through our thoughts by thinking some negative about them, or the person is hurt by our words or actions, then we shall immediately ask for forgiveness from the God residing within that person, “Dear God! I hurt this person in such a manner. Hence, I seek forgiveness for my mistake. Please forgive me. And I do not want to repeat this mistake ever again, so grant me strength for the same.” By doing this prayer, we take a reverse stand against our wrongdoing, which is a very big thing for the purpose we are living for.

It is easy to hurt others but asking for forgiveness is transformative; we will feel much lighter within, and the person we have wronged too will feel positive vibrations of our prayers.

Now, how to break the bondage of karma and be liberated?

It is by attaining the knowledge of the Self i.e. Self-realisation.

Self-Realisation is when we realise who am I; when we understand that, ‘I am really a pure Soul and am separate from the body, name and ego.’

Bondage of karma continues until we have the wrong belief of, ‘I am this body and name.’ But when Self-realisation happens, this wrong belief is fractured and the right belief sets in that, ‘I am a pure Soul, separate from the body, name, ego, etc.’

Due to ignorance of the Self, one believes ‘I am doing, this is happening to me’ etc, and therefore, karmas are charged. But once one comes into the awareness of the real Self i.e. the pure Soul, and remains as ONLY the Knower and Seer of everything, NEVER the doer of anything, then there is no new charging of karma. Only the discharge of old karma, already bound in the past, remains, which happens one by one, very naturally and cleanly in the awareness of the Self, without getting affected by any karma.

How to acquire Self-realisation

It is only through Gnani, the Enlightened being, that one can attain this knowledge. He is not only enlightened himself but he also has the gift of bestowing enlightenment to those seeking liberation.

To know more about Self-realisation, you can visit: https://www.dadabhagwan.org/path-to-happiness/spiritual-science/who-am-i-realize-your-true-self/what-is-self-realization/


Liberation, the most important purpose one can ever live for, is acquired only when, one in human life-form, happens to meet Gnani Purush, the Enlightened One, who destroys one’s demerit karma of countless lifetimes, through the fire of the real spiritual knowledge, and makes one realize one’s Self (the Soul)!!! Until then, one keeps wandering. It is for this reason that the celestial beings too wish to be born as a human being in this world so that they can meet a Gnani Purush and attain Self-Realization!!!


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