What Is The Most Essential Thing For Inner And Deep Soul Peace?…

What Is The Most Essential Thing For Inner And Deep Soul Peace?

The inner and deep Soul peace is called ‘Sachchidanand’ or Sat-Chit-Anand

The Enlightened One explains the meaning and significance of this:

Sachchidanand is made up of three words: Sat, Chit and Anand.

‘Sat’ means eternal and ‘Chit’ means knowledge and understanding. When we attain the knowledge of the Eternal, we experience sheer bliss. Today, we have knowledge of the worldly temporary things, “I am John (please insert your name here), I am from so and so country, I am a Doctor or I am an engineer, etc.” All of this ‘relative’ is temporary. And the ‘real’ is eternal, it is permanent.

Once the knowledge of the real happens, that’s called Sat-Chit. And what is the result of it? Supreme bliss!

With the knowledge of worldly things, we get peace and happiness, and in turn we get unhappiness too. While this Sat-Chit is free from happiness and unhappiness, it is beyond all dualities, we remain in the inner and deep Soul peace all the time. Sat-Chit-Anand is the core form of God (the Absolute Soul is God). And God himself is called Sat-Chit-Anand.

You must have seen people greet each other saying, ‘Jai Satchitanand’. This means ‘I bow to the inner pure Soul (God whose inherent property is bliss) residing in you!’

Now, coming to the question you’ve asked:

The most essential thing for inner and deep Soul peace is to ‘Experience the bliss’.

To experience bliss, the most essential thing is ‘Awareness of the Eternal’.

For awareness, the most essential thing is ‘Get your Soul awakened!’

To get our Soul awakened, the most essential thing is the Living Gnani, the Enlightened One!!!

Experience of the Bliss (the inner and deep Soul’s Peace)

The Soul is our real Self. It is an eternal element, made up of knowledge and understanding, the result of which is eternal bliss. The awareness of the Eternal is bliss. And we can have this awareness only when the Soul is awakened by the Enlightened One. For this reason, the essence of all scriptures, spiritual discipline and the practice of spirituality is just one: ‘Get your Soul awakened!’

Get your Soul Awakened

As we learnt in the above teaching of the Enlightened One, while material pleasures i.e. fame, money, possessions, etc. by their inherent nature are temporary and insatiable; the Soul is eternal and so are its properties. For instance, money does bring comfort and happiness in one’s life, but it can never give anyone the ever-lasting peace, like Soul does. Whilst the whole world is preoccupied in the worldly pleasures (pudgal), Gnani, the Enlightened One, is in the state of the awareness of the eternal Soul (the Self), and in the bliss of the Soul.

The Awareness of the Eternal is Bliss

The whole world is entrapped in ‘sleep’ of the Soul. The lack of awareness (as to what is beneficial and what is harmful in this world and in the world hereafter; anger, pride, deceit, greed, disputes and worries arising) perpetuates because of the prevailing sleep of the Soul (bhaav-nindra).

Who Doesn’t Allow us to Experience the Inner Peace?

The inner enemies i.e. the anger, pride, deceit, greed (collectively called ‘kashays’) that erupt within and which harm us and hurt others are the ones that disrupt our inner peace. The birth of anger, pride, deceit, greed (kashays) happens only in the absence of awareness.

The one who has no awareness of kashays is very much in an ignorant state. The one who ‘fuels’ the kashays is terribly ignorant. The one who is aware of them while they erupt is slightly alert. The one who washes them off through repentance (pratikraman) as soon as they happen is awake and alert. The one who is exceptionally alert will turn around the kashays even before they occur.

Initially, awareness arises in worldly interactions. After that, one awakens to the awareness of the Soul (the Self)…

Awareness in the Worldly interactions

When there is no conflict anywhere, when there is no dissension as a result of differing opinion, one is said to be in the awareness while in worldly interactions. Gnani (the Enlightened One) sits on the summit of this awareness. The Enlightened One’s mistakes hurt no one. He sees these mistakes with awareness and also washes them away. And He sees the world to be ‘faultless’!

To achieve this awareness, the Enlightened Ones prescribe two things:

Find out our own mistakes. The vision that sees one’s own faults is the measure of awareness. The vision that sees faults of others shrouds one’s awareness with serious ‘veils’. Therefore, whenever a conflict or dissension happens, we must learn to see our own mistakes.

Do Pratikraman. It means for every mistake of ours, we pray to God, “Dear God, I have made this mistake. I apologize for it and seek forgiveness from you. I resolve not to make this mistake again. Please pardon me and give me strength to not repeat the mistake.”

Awareness of the Soul

In the awareness of the Soul, the kashays (anger, pride, deceit and greed) become rootless and the inner and deep Soul’s peace prevails! In the early stages of awareness, nobody ever suffers because of us. Then subsequently, we never have any suffering because of others. And in the ultimate stage of awareness, there is natural oneness with the pure Soul.

The Magical Grace of the Living Enlightened One

On the path of Akram Vignan, which is the current, unique and direct path to Self-realization, the awareness of the Soul (the Self) is easily gained as our Soul gets awakened in just a matter of two hours, by the grace of the Living Enlightened One!!!

Thereafter, with the grace of this Living Enlightened One, as we strive to ceaselessly remain in the special directives (Agnas) given by Him, we develop more and more awareness! His one of the directives of ‘seeing the pure Soul in every living being’, which when applied, leads to a very high level of awareness.

To Him bow we in eternal reverence, who kindled in us Pure Light

Every Soul is now, a temple where bells chime

Jai Satchitanand!!!


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