What Is The Meaning Of Spiritual? How Should A Spiritual Person Be In This Material World?…

What Is The Meaning Of Spiritual? How Should A Spiritual Person Be In This Material World?

Spiritual means that which relates to spirit (the Soul) as opposed to the physical things that we can see in the material world. The Soul is the ultimate truth in this world. The spiritual science helps us know this truth and makes us experience it too.

There are 2 fundamental aspects in this world, one must know:

1. Who am I?

2. Who is the real doer in this world?

Very often, we fail to understand why do tsunamis, earthquakes, wars, terrorism, worries, stress, diseases, etc. happen? Is God doing all of this? If yes, why is he doing it? And if not, then who is responsible for all of it? We do not get any correct answer to our questions, as a result of which, we experience suffering and suffocation.

Lord Krishna, Lord Mahavira, Lord Shiva all achieved something beyond the intellect, beyond the ego, beyond what the worldly people can reach. They found the real answer as to what are the eternal elements, how can we experience the eternal elements, what is God, who is governing this world, what is karma, how karmas get charged and how can we free ourselves from the bondage of karmas.

Through spiritual science, we come to know what is pure Soul, where is God, how to experience God, how to worship real God and how do we merge with real God.

And through spiritual science, we can realize Who am I?

Just like if we want to separate the hydrogen and oxygen from water, for the worldly scientist, it does not make a difference whether the water is dirty or clean. He can do it for us by easily separating the two elements through a scientific process. Similarly, for the spiritual scientist, it does not matter whether we are a good person or a bad person. He can separate our Pure Soul from the other elements within this body through spiritual process and make us realize ‘Who am I’. Once we get this spiritual knowledge we can get rid of all our bad and good karmas, can be free from all worldly unhappiness and achieve ultimate salvation where lies permanent happiness.

How should a spiritual person be in this material world?

The spiritual person should be aiming for:

1. Absolute humility, wherein his sincerity and morality are at an extra-ordinary level.

2. Being riveted to his ultimate goal, that of ultimate salvation.

3. Being fearless. How can the one, who is in fear, ever attain the Self?

4. Actively seeing each and every fault of his, acknowledging his faults and washing them with sincere repentance and a firm resolution to not repeat it again.

5. Understanding well the law of karma such that he can see the whole world as flawless.

6. Finding the Moksha data, the One who has attained Moksha and is a bestower of liberation; and from Him get his Soul awakened!!!

7. Total surrender in the feet of such Gnani, the Enlightened One, through whom He has attained Self-Realization!!

8. Religiously following Gnani’s instructions, without allowing his intellect to interfere.

9. Always living in the present for that indeed is the applied awakened awareness of the Self.

10. Remaining equanimous and non-affected in all situations and in all worldly interactions.

11. Increased awareness of the Soul, day after day.

12. Having an ardent desire to know nothing but the ultimate truth.

13. Seeing everyone with the pure elemental vision, that of Pure Soul!

14. Having oneness with every person such that there is no separation perceived with the other person!!!


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