What Is The Litmus Test For A True Spiritual Seeker?…

What Is The Litmus Test For A True Spiritual Seeker?

The student seeking spiritual knowledge (vidya) must possess kindness, compassion, and love toward all living beings. Kindness to all beings should be the students’ very nature. If it is absent, the student becomes a boor. More than anything else, spirituality is being compassionate toward living beings. If a person bears ill will against any being, his or her education has no meaning. The advice given in the Gita – adweshta sarva bhutanam – bear no ill-will toward any or all beings, conveys this message. In the same manner, Bhagawad Gita warns that any insult or injury or even neglect directed against any living being is an act that insults, injures or neglects the Divine (Sarva jiva thiraskaram Keshavam prati gacchati). The narrow vision that is limited to one’s family or community must be given up. Uniform compassion shown in this manner transforms itself into well-being for all the recipients. Wishing well for all is the sign of one who has earned spiritual knowledge.


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