What Is The Importance Of Reciting The Holy Name Of The Lord…

What Is The Importance Of Reciting The Holy Name Of The Lord

The divine name saves and liberates! It is the armour against the onslaughts of pride and self-pity. When you start pious repetition of a holy name or sacred formula in a systematic manner and fix your inner eye on the form that illustrates the name, you will meet with many obstacles, disquieting thoughts, and enticements. They should be ignored, bypassed and treated lightly. Strengthen your habits, stick to your discipline, and improve your inner administration. Mix more in the company of the good and the godly. The unruly bull has to be roped and tamed, its nose bored and ringed; it has to be yoked and trained to drag heavy loads and become the docile servant of its master. Some people condemn the six passions as dire enemies and advise you to eject them outright. But I would advise you to keep them with you as docile servants, and redirect them to be useful for your noble purposes.


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