What Is The Game That Our Mind Plays On Us And How Can We Control It?…

What Is The Game That Our Mind Plays On Us And How Can We Control It?

What is required is the awareness of the vicious game that mind plays. It presents before your attention, one source after another of temporary pleasure; it doesn’t allow any interval for you to weigh pros and cons. When hunger for food is appeased, it holds before the eye, the attraction of a movie, it reminds the ear of the charm of music, and it makes the tongue water for the pleasant taste of something it craves for. The wish becomes very soon the urge for action, urge soon gathers strength and yearning becomes uncontrollable. The burden of desires gradually becomes too heavy and man gets dispirited and sad. Train the mind to turn towards intelligence for inspiration and guidance, not towards senses for adventures and achievements! That will make it an instrument for reducing your vagaries and saving time and energy for more vital matters!


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