What Is The Exact Meaning Of Moksh In Sanatan Philosophy?…

What Is The Exact Meaning Of Moksh In Sanatan Philosophy?

Moksha means ultimate liberation! i.e. freedom from the cycle of birth and death, freedom from the bondages of karma, freedom from all pain and misery, and freedom from the ignorance of one’s own real Self, which ultimately enables merging in God, which is our real Self.

There is a myth that moksha is attained only after death. No, moksha means even while living a normal routine life, the awareness of ‘I am free’ is always there. We should be able to experience this moksha while we are very much alive.

Why is Moksha the ultimate goal?

Every living being is in search of happiness. And with this goal in mind, one blindly keeps running in this world behind money, fame, success, etc. all his life. But, when asked, “Did you derive happiness from these?” one is clueless. It is like a man running the engine all day long, but without deriving any energy from it.

Life after life, we have been wandering aimlessly like this for infinite lives now. There is not a single place in this Universe where we must have not been to – be it animal kingdom, or the human form, in heaven and even hell. We have wandered through every life form and we’ve undergone immense suffering in this endless wandering. But despite such extensive wandering through countless of lives, we are still searching for happiness as we’ve not found the true happiness as yet.

The ultimate goal of our present life now, is to search a path whereby we can get freedom from all miseries forever and can attain permanent happiness.

This life is meant to be lived to know, “How can I be free from miseries?”

We experience suffering because we do not know who we really are, we have not known our true identity so far. Knowledge of one’s Self itself is freedom. It prevents karmic bondage and keeps one in the liberated state (Moksha).

There are two stages of moksha.

1. The first stage of moksha can be experienced in this life itself, by attaining Self-Realization from a living Gnani Purush, the Enlightened One, through Akram Vignan, the spiritual science for today’s age. In this stage of moksha, we realize that our real Self is not our worldly name or body, it is the Pure Soul (God), and as this awareness sharpens, we experience a sense of freedom from all the effects of mental, physical, and externally-induced miseries in this very life!

2. While we progress towards having the total and complete experience of the Soul, there comes a point when all the deluding karmas are destroyed and we merge with God i.e. the Absolute Soul. The second stage of moksha is attained when we become free from all our karmas; not a single karmic atom now remains attached to our Soul. This happens in our last life, after which we do not have to undergo the pain of rebirth any more, as we then directly go to Siddha Kshetra, the permanent abode of absolutely liberated Souls, where we remain in the infinite bliss of the Self (the Soul), being the Knower and Seer of the entire Universe, including the plane of existence of human beings, animals, plants, celestial world and the realm of existence of hellish beings too.

The ultimate goal of our life, thus, is moksha. And in order to attain this goal, we must first attain freedom from ignorance of the Self, with the divine grace of Gnani Purush, the Enlightened One!!! Once this ignorance is gone, we become free from the bind of new karmas. And consequently, our life becomes very simple and straightforward, as the experience of the bliss within keeps enhancing day after day.

Countless circumstances giving worldly happiness come together and dissipate in life, but meeting Gnani Purush, who can liberate us from wandering life after life, is an extremely rare circumstance, which, if comes in our life, it gives us Moksha, the permanent happiness that remains with us forever.

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