What Is The Easiest And Quickest Way To Deal With My Loneliness?…

What Is The Easiest And Quickest Way To Deal With My Loneliness?

You are alone only when you think yourself to be alone.

“There cannot be any time, situation or circumstance that can depress You”-Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan

The easiest and quickest way to deal with loneliness is: Link up with Gnani and Attain Self-Realization.

Gnani means the Enlightened One, who has realized the Soul and has the divine power to make us realize the same!!!

The Soul is the real Self of every living being. So when you attain Self-Realization from Gnani, you automatically take the first step towards developing oneness with the whole world.

Moreover, with the grace of Gnani, we are able to impartially see our mistakes that led us into this situation of loneliness. And under the guidance of Gnani, we are able to even destroy each of these mistakes!

Further, Gnani provides us with the vision that helps us vividly see that, ‘no one in this world is really at fault; they are only instrumental in bringing me the result of my own past deeds’. This results in an amazing experience of inner calm and harmony with every being in this world, irrespective of what the outer circumstances may be.

Harness Your Intent for the Well-Being of All

Henceforth, whenever the feeling of loneliness haunts you, you may immediately cancel and refute this negative emotion and replace it with a noble intention to pray for the well-being of all. For example: if your mind says, “Today I feel so very lonely”, you say in return, “No, there are so many living beings around me. Oh God! May all the beings in this world be happy, may all the beings experience peace and harmony in life.”

Doing so, you will instantly feel relaxed and your feeling of loneliness will run away in no time!

Say Goodbye to Your Doubts and Have Confidence in YOURSELF

Remove all the doubts and suspicions that you may have regarding yourself, your life or regarding others; and move around with confidence.

Anytime you feel worried about, “What will happen to me?” look at the trees! All through their life they give their fruits to others without worrying, “what about me?” Even you can do this. And when you do this, Nature in turn is bound to protect you!

Further, steer your mind in the right direction by saying to yourself, “I am here to give out happiness and love to the world. I do not want anything in return.” This shall significantly increase your confidence because when you say this, your mind dwells in the positive by driving out all negative thoughts.

Help Others

Never miss the chance whenever you get an opportunity to help others!

For example: Once you are back home from work, go and help senior citizens who live in your neighborhood. You can help them with their medicines, or make them learn some handy features on their mobile that are beneficial to them, or just have a light, general conversation with them. This shall earn you not only their great refreshing smiles but also loads of hearty blessings that shall shield you throughout your life!

You can also teach some poor and needy students for free! Interaction with these humble students will boost your low-esteem and shall also freshen you up.

Talk to God

While lonely, you may feel, ‘I don’t have anybody to talk to.’ But have you tried talking to God? Once you start talking to God, you shall never feel any need to talk to others.

When God is with you, the fear of loneliness evaporates and you but naturally start feeling energetic, positive and in control. And God is available 24 hours a day! So you may share your good and bad experiences with him or even ask him questions. When you do this faithfully, you start getting solutions from God directly. It is because God resides right within you. And if you have attained Self-Realization, you will realize that the Soul (the Self) itself is the real God, the real You!


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