What Is The Connection Between Unity-Purity-Divinity?…

What Is The Connection Between Unity-Purity-Divinity?

You should have single-minded devotion towards God. Your faith should be total and unconditional. If your faith is unsteady with ‘bumps and jumps’, you will be confused and will become restless. Keep your desires under control. Limitless desires will take you away from Divinity. Annihilation of desires will lead you to the principle of unity. You should continuously develop virtues and lead a good life. Understand the purpose of education and act accordingly. Only then will your birth as a human being be meaningful. One electric bulb can provide illumination to many. Likewise, a heart filled with love can illumine many lives. The educated should not look down upon the uneducated. If they are truly educated, they will treat everyone equally and develop unity. Where there is unity, there is purity. When unity and purity are present, you are bound to experience Divinity. Love is the basis for unity. Know that if differences crop-up, pure love is absent.


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Priti Saigal

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I am a seeker of spiritual enchanted enlightenment. I am looking for inner peace and sanctity to fulfill the desire…

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