What Is The Connection Between Selfless Service And Spirituality?…

What Is The Connection Between Selfless Service And Spirituality?

Selfless service (seva) and spirituality are closely integrated with each other.

There are many interpretations of seva, but the true selfless service is above all as it carries immense benefits. For those who are on the path of spirituality and are inquisitive for their spiritual advancement, selfless service is the way to go! Let’s understand the connection…

The Spiritual Science

The spiritual science has always expounded that the goal of every human being should be that of serving others by whatever means one can, and according to one’ skill set and ability; because when one has an obliging nature and compassion for others, one’s own spiritual growth and happiness automatically increase as a direct consequence.

What is the true selfless service like?

● Selfless service is sincerely done and is performed with a pure heart.

● Whilst doing selfless service, one’s inner intent to serve is paramount rather than the visible actions.

● Every attempt is made to serve others without any expectation for recognition, respect and fame for oneself.

● Utilising one’s mind, speech and body in doing any kind of selfless service that is for the greater good of others, is the most important factor here.

Let us understand the connection now, through the example of Akram Vignan

Akram Vignan is a spiritual science that provides a simple, quick and effective path to attain Self-Realization, without having to renounce or alter their life, and not even perform any penance. This spiritual science works in harmony with your existent worldly life. It is easy to understand and simple to apply in your daily life.

Through this science, you fundamentally realize really ‘who am I’ and ‘who is the doer’. Once you have attained the knowledge of the real Self, the feelings of misery and suffering automatically start distancing away from you, and in course of time, any kind of adverse circumstances no longer affect you. As your understanding of this science deepens more and more, so does the feeling of liberation and lightness enhance within you.

However, in Akram Vignan too, seva i.e. the selfless service is given notable importance and worth, especially the service done for the salvation of the world. While rendering this service, one’s focus is not on any one community or an individual, but one takes into its gamut the entire world, without any kind of discrimination whatsoever.

The intention behind rendering service here essentially is, to help in whatever way one can, in the process of:

● making people aware of the key principles of spirituality, which have in its foundation the promise to bring about peace, harmony and goodwill in the lives of everyone who makes a sincere attempt to understand and imbibe these principles correctly; and

● Inspiring people to attain Self-Realization which is the ultimate purpose of human life.

Now, people who avail of these services get so enchanted with the selflessness that they see here, that they are curious to know how the volunteers prepared themselves to give service of such high order, with no selfish motive behind it. What inspired them to do this?!

The Revered Spiritual Guide Helps Establish the Right Connection between the Two

First and foremost, those who adopt spirituality as a way of life are often seen to be very keen to dedicate their mind, body and speech in the feet of their Spiritual Guide, through whom they have progressed spiritually, for the purpose of providing selfless service for salvation of the world.

This very silently becomes their lifetime goal as they begin to realize that it is the very goal their Spiritual Guide has dedicated His own life to!!!

And this goal grows stronger and purer, every time they see their Enlightened Guide tirelessly striving for the spiritual upliftment of one and all by lending each one a helping hand to first come out of their mental, emotional and physical sufferings, and then pulling them out of the painful cycle of birth and death, as He lovingly places them on the path of ultimate liberation. This sight leaves a deep and everlasting impression on their minds!

The Guide kindles further inspiration into them by:

● giving the right understanding of what is called selfless service and what is not,

● thoroughly explaining how pure and selfless service plays an important and significant role in identifying our own internal weaknesses that are actually blocking our spiritual progress, and also teaching how to apply spirituality and come out of those weaknesses,

● illustrating how one’s service becomes easily and effortlessly useful and meaningful to others only when it is based on sound spiritual principles, and

● Relentlessly nurturing through the medium of selfless service, the virtues of morality, honesty, sincerity, empathy and compassion which are fundamental to one’s spiritual progress.

Thus, the Spiritual Guide ensures that the seeker advances in his journey on the path of spirituality by teaching him the spiritual principles on one hand, and on the other hand motivating him to provide selfless service to mankind.

He establishes this sound connection and then leaves it to the world to see how spirituality and selfless service go hand-in-hand; for only when the two get together, the greater good of all living beings can get served purely and effortlessly for the purpose of salvation.


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