What Is So Sacred And Valuable About Human Lives?…

What Is So Sacred And Valuable About Human Lives?

The reason why human life is considered sacred and extremely valuable is that one rarely acquires a human birth. It is not easy to gain a “Human” form. One has to pass through several births in the process of development before one becomes eligible to be born as a human being.

Once acquired, the ultimate purpose of a human being is to attain liberation from the cycle of birth and death and attain liberation whereby one experiences eternal bliss i.e., permanent happiness. It is because only from a human form liberation is possible; from no other life-form can one attain salvation. Also, one can progress on the path of liberation only in human form because humans alone have the ability to charge karmas. While one can charge both good as well as bad karma, the positive side of charging karmas is that we have the ability to accumulate merit karma and consequently develop to a religiously and spiritually higher level.

This is what makes ‘Human’ birth sacred and valuable. So, much so that even celestial beings pursue to acquire a human birth, so that they too can attain salvation.

Karma – the cause for rebirths

When one dies, based on his karmas, he takes rebirth in one of the four life forms — Hell, Celestial world, Animal world or as a Human. For example, if one has bound good karmas by helping others, he will go to a higher life-form. On the other hand, if he has bound bad karmas by giving pain to others, he will have to take birth in a lower life-form and suffer much more pain!

However the fact of the matter is that until karma continues to be charged, we have to wander in different life-forms. And until our vicious cycle of birth and death continues, we have to undergo immense pain and suffering. Hence, in this sacred and valuable human life that we’ve procured, our ultimate goal should be to liberate ourselves.

Self-realisation leads to liberation

“The essence of human life is to come into one’s nature of the Self (Soul), get awakened and remain only in ‘Self’”, says Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the Enlightened being.

Liberation means our wandering comes to an end. To arrive at this end, one makes the start from Self-realisation i.e. realizing the real Self.

Currently, we believe that we are the name and body, but after attaining the knowledge of the Soul, the awareness begins that of, really:

Who am I, and

Who is the doer?

This awareness once awakened, never leaves. Now, our job is to sharpen this awareness more and more so that it presents itself in every circumstance and with everyone you encounter.

Worldly life has come about through ignorance; and the knowledge of ‘I am really a pure Soul, that does nothing but just sees and knows every circumstance that comes forth and lets it pass away with equanimity’ that one gains during Self-realisation leads to ultimate liberation i.e Moksha.

This forms the basis for why human life is so sacred and valuable. It is to realise one’s real Self and achieve ultimate liberation!

So, do not squander your human life, take the leap and attain Self-Realization.

Akram Vignan offers a stepless path to Self-Realization, whereby anyone desirous of attaining Self-Realization can do so in just two hours, with the help of the Enlightened One. Just like a lit candle lights another, the Enlightened One enlightens our Souls.

Many people have received enlightenment and are experiencing the bliss of the Self, by attaining the ultimate goal of this sacred and valuable human life. Come, let us also go and attain that bliss!


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