What Is Self Realization, Soul Realization And God realization?…

What Is Self Realization, Soul Realization And God realization?

The Self is the Soul and the Soul is God

Hence, Self-Realization, Soul-Realization and God-Realization all mean the same thing, which is to realize ‘who am I’.

The Enlightened One explains:

The Soul is a permanent element. The Soul (Aatma) itself is God (Parmatma).

The fact is that every living being is a Soul and every Soul is God.

The Journey of Soul

What has happened is that initially the Soul is completely covered. There are numerous veils of ignorance over the Soul. Suppose there’s a 1000 watt bulb, and if on it 50-80 clothes are thrown, then no light of the bulb will come out. However inside, the 1000 watts bulb is complete, it has full light; but coverings are present over it. Similarly here, in case of every living being, at the beginning it is a totally covered Soul. That Soul is in complete raw form, with all coverings over it. Inside, the light of the Soul is full, but it is covered with veils.

When little covering breaks, (the journey of the Soul in the world begins and) it comes as a one-sensed living being. Then, when some more coverings break, it reincarnates as a two-sensed living being. As coverings continue to break, the living being ascends to a three-sensed living being, four-sensed living being, a five-sensed living being. Then one reincarnates as a human. The coverings (over the Soul) keep breaking and the development keeps happening.

Then, religious development takes place. And when one attains Self-Realization, thereafter new coverings shall no more come, and old coverings will slowly, slowly give its effect and leave. When not a single covering remains over the Soul, the Soul is liberated then.

The Soul, with no covering remaining on it, such an Absolute Soul is called Parmatma (God)

Until the Soul is covered with veils of ignorance, it is called ‘Jivatma’. This signifies the state of ignorance, the living being is in.

After Self-Realization, it becomes ‘Antaratma’ having the knowledge of the real Self (the Soul).

And when all coverings shed off, the Soul is called ‘Parmatma’; this signifies the Absolute stage of pure Soul.

So, the same Soul is Jivatma until it is in the state of ignorance; and the same Soul, upon attaining the Absolute state, is called Parmatma.

As coverings keep reducing, development happens. Up to human form, it is natural development (based on the Darwin’s theory of evolution). Thereafter, anger, pride, deceit, greed develop in the human form. That too is a part of development only. Later, these anger, pride, deceit greed increase to a very great height; one has enormous attachment, anger, greed, pride, lot of fights, lot of suffering. That is when one wishes to get liberated.

And when one attains Self-Realization, he is liberated from the bondage of new karma. Soon, he finishes his old karma too, and gets totally liberated (reaches the state of God).

Let’s not delay our liberation any further

We’ve spent countless lifetimes in the state of deep ignorance. But now that we have the Living Enlightened One present in this world and amidst us, we should not delay our liberation any further. The Enlightened One awakens our Self directly, without needing us to perform any difficult practices or penances. Thereafter, by following his words, we are able to attain the state of God (Absolute Soul, without any covering of karma over it) and complete the journey of our Soul in this world So come, let’s go to the Enlightened One, and with his grace, attain Self-Realization NOW!!


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In June 1958, spontaneous Self-Realization occurred within Ambalal M. Patel. From this point on, Ambalal became a Gnani Purush, and…

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