What Is Our Sole Purpose Of Living On This Planet?…

What Is Our Sole Purpose Of Living On This Planet?

In this world, each one defines his purpose of living, depending on the station one has arrived at, while on his journey of spiritual evolution; this signifies one’s spiritual development.

Therefore for some, the sole purpose of living on this planet is to merely enjoy the pleasures of five senses; whereas for few, it means to remain intoxicated in the pride and pleasure of maintaining their ego; many also live with the sole objective of supporting their family and home throughout their life; while there are some whose purpose is only to attain spiritual enlightenment i.e. knowing the real Self. Knowing our real Self is indeed the ultimate purpose of human life!

Param Pujya DadaBhagwan suggests: There are two main purposes of human life:

1. Helping others,

2. Knowing our real Self (Self-Realization).

1. Helping others:

“Life is meant for practicing benevolence and serving others. The deepest science behind this is that when one uses his mind, speech and body for serving others, he will have everything”, says Param Pujya Dadashri, and He goes on to further explain that, “You do not have to think about how you’ll make a living. You will not encounter any obstacles in your life if you help others in any way. When a person begins to serve with only half the understanding, he gets a contrary result; and therefore, he loses faith in serving others. If one were to serve people in this life, he will reap the rewards of his service in the next two or three lifetimes – this is the very science!”

Therefore, have an obliging nature and offer help to people. More important than a person’s external action to help others, is his internal intent to help. This intention should always be present within us. And this intent ought to be sincere and be flowing from the heart; only then it is fruitful. The service to people is considered real when done without any greed or any expectation of fame or recognition.

We can serve people by giving food, medicine or even knowledge that one may be in need of, in order to help reduce their misery. Nevertheless, the biggest help that we can do to others is – to not hurt anyone, in the slightest degree, through our words, our actions, and not even in our thoughts!

Happiness begins from the moment we have an intent to help others. And when our very goal of life becomes that of helping others, we eventually get onto the path of spiritual progress, as Nature then, in turn helps arrange our meeting with Gnani, the Enlightened One, some day!!


Our very Self is an abode of infinite bliss; yet we keep hunting for happiness in the material things that are available on this planet. Param Pujya Dadashri says, “If one realizes his own Self, then he himself is an Absolute Supreme Soul (Parmatma).”

Also, “After Self-Realization, you will not feel pain upon seeing the misery of others, rather you will remain compassionate and people’s suffering will automatically lessen. At the moment, what you experience for others is sympathy. That sympathy will always cause you pain because it torments you with what you imagine the other person must be feeling. Where there is sympathy, there is always the ego. However, without sympathy, the worldly self would not do any service. But after Self-Realization, you will have compassion”, says Dadashri.

So, knowing our real Self is the ultimate purpose of living on this planet! And just as we need a goldsmith to separate pure gold from the impurities of the other metals, similarly, we need a Gnani Purush to separate our pure Self from the impurities of the non-self (body, mind, ego, intellect, attachment, hatred, anger, etc). With the divine power of Gnani Purush alone, it is possible to attain Self Realization!!

The law of Nature is such that when one has a pure sincere intent to get liberated, one will surely happen to meet the Gnani, who can liberate him, soon. Presently, we are fortunate to have between us Pujya Deepakbhai, with whose grace, we can realize our real Self and experience our Soul!!!


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