What Is Joy Anyway?

What is ‘joy’? You hear people say things like “find your joy” and “I feel joyful”. But what does ‘joy’ mean to you (besides me 😉 )? The emotion of joy can mean slightly different things to different people. Here’s how the dictionary defines joy;

                                           Joy (noun) a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. 

Although that is a great definition, for me, joy is a blend of unbounded happiness with peace. It’s a state of being rather than a feeling. It’s not a fleeting emotion of pleasure. It’s a sacred Universal energy we align with when we are connected to Soul.

                                          “It’s a state of being rather than a feeling.”~Joy Arnold

I also believe it’s a choice to tune into or not. Of course, there are times when we are spontaneously, without effort, tuned into the state of joy like when wonderful things happen in our lives (having a baby, feeling love, getting our dream job, etc). But I believe on a daily basis, it is a choice. We have to choose joy. Choose to tune into that energy and state of being. It’s not always easy. Life can be difficult, challenging, and painful at times. But those are the times we need to choose joy even more! Choose to be grateful. Choose to be happy. Choose to find the light within the dark. When we do, the Universe responds by aligning our path with more joyful experiences and bestowing more experiences and people to be grateful for.  Again, I know from personal experience how difficult this can be during times of darkness. And honestly…sometimes during those darkest times, we have to allow ourselves to be still in the darkness for a moment to be able to even desire and/or appreciate joy. We just need to be careful not to stay too long in that darkness.

Everyone’s journey is unique as is how they make the choice to choose joy and happiness. The ways and reasons are endless. For me, it’s a choice daily. There are three things I do each day to choose happiness and joy. They immediately tap me into the energy of love and gratitude and put things into perspective. They remind me that all the noise and stuff doesn’t matter. In the end, it’s love and life experiences. We all have our own ways of tapping into the energy of love and connecting with our Soul. But I’ll share with you here my daily rituals that connect me to that energy and shifts my perspective to the lens of gratitude instead of stress.

Breathe. I know it sounds simple but stopping and observing your breath almost immediately calms the central nervous system and connects you with Source. And…be grateful you’re alive to breathe!

Get outside! I spend time outside (barefoot) each day. I have to! Even if it’s only 10 minutes. Being outside in nature, feeling the breeze, the sun, hearing birds, and just witnessing life and mother nature is incredibly grounding and soothing. Try it!

Every morning I choose one thing I’m grateful for. And then, as I move through my day, as things stress me out or upset me, I choose to remind myself of that one thing/person/experience I’m grateful for. I feel an immediate shift in my perspective! Honestly, the more you practice this daily ritual, it’s impossible to choose only one thing to be grateful for!

That’s it! Three simple steps that immediately shift my perspective and allow me to choose joy. Our lives are full of blessings! Make the choice to view your life through the lens of gratitude and align with the energy of joy.

What do you think? Is joy a choice? What do you do during hard times to shift your perspective? Share them with us here!


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