What is Hand Analysis?

Do you want to know what your life’s purpose is? What talents do you have? Or where your strengths and weaknesses lie? Hand analysis can show you all of that and more. This scientific practice looks at the shapes, lines, and markings on your hands to give you a snapshot of your life journey. So if you’re curious about what hand analysis can reveal, keep reading! We’ll explore everything from the basics of this process to how it can help you live a more fulfilling life.

The lines in our hands are like the neural pathways of the brain. The more we repeat a thought or action, the deeper those impressions become and the more they will be imitated by our hands as well. The story of our handprints is a fascinating one. They emerge at 14-16 weeks in gestation and never change, although most other aspects about us evolve over time as we develop tendencies and strengths that shape how people see ourselves throughout their lives!

As our identity grows, we experience changes in hormones which result in differences in the length of the fingers. An increase in growth hormone can result in more square hands. Most children start out with square hands as they touch and feel their way into life. The hands later develop into different shapes according to their personalities. Hands can become thicker as we mature and become thick skinned and set in our ways.

Different levels of testosterone and estrogen lead to changes in the ratio of index to ring finger. With higher estrogen levels, the hands and skin become thinner and more feminine. Try to look at the hands of the Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner before changing his gender to become CAitlyn Jenner. Transgenders from male to female require extensive hormone replacement therapy. With an increase of estrogen intake, they ten to feel things more deeply and become “thin skinned”, just as the hands soften and palms become thinner.

Lastly, Hand analysis has been the most prevalent for decades, based on 40 years of research and analysis. It does not focus on predicting any future, just simply identifying your personality types with life patterns that will repeat themselves over time to help you understand yourself better. So it’s possible to make more informed decisions in both personal relationships as well career choices! It provides much more breadth and depth about your purpose, special gifts and talents, challenges, potential, and approaches to relationships, work, and life compared to any other personality tests.

Lastly, Hand analysis is not only about understanding the lines on your hands, it’s also about how you can use this information to find a career path that is best suited for you and will make you happy. It can also help stabilize your relationships by giving you an idea of what kind of personality you are and what type of partner would be best for you. If you want to know more about the purpose of your life, let me know. I offer hand analysis readings that can help give you some insight into why you are here and what steps you can take to live a happier, more successful life.


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