What Is Forgiveness Work?…

What Is Forgiveness Work?

Forgiveness work has silently been on the back burner of truthful knowledge and powerful transformation. No more, it is time to set forgiveness work on center stage, give it bright lights & allow it to become the go to staple of healing.

I ask clients daily if they have ever done forgiveness work. Many of the answers to that question is ‘No, what is forgiveness work?” Others reply with, “I have mentally tried to forgive over and over.”

Forgiveness is spiritual, never mental.

The reason why many suffer from the ability to move forward from any type of failed relationship whether with self or others is because of something inside of each person that still has yet to forgive a certain action or behavior. This is what creates the same patterns to surface and endless loops to never be cleared.

Forgiveness may begin as an uncomfortable process; however it ends up as a healing process of beautiful transformation.

A person, possibly you who is reading this article right now, has to be open to the idea that there is another way to move through trauma, hurt, pain & endless loops of drama that never end with a different result, until it does.

If you or anyone you know around you is ‘hoping’ that the issue will just ‘blow over’ and things will go back to normal with no real work on the issue in order to forgive the trauma then you are setting yourself up for a lie that will eventually implode and create even more work on forgiveness to be done.

Forgiveness work is an opportunity to release old trauma, old pain, old belief systems & old patterns through the energy body called the chakras.

If you are unfamiliar with the chakra systems then I recommend a beginner book on chakras. Chakras For Beginners by David Pond is an excellent resource.

It is important to understand the first 7 chakras as the energy centers of our body in order to understand how forgiveness is never in the ‘mind’ it is in the body and must be healed accordingly.

When someone suffers a trauma of any kind that ‘memory’ is stored somewhere in the energy center of the body and stays there as its home until a new form of energy comes in, wakes it up, tells it to get out, and then it lets go through the top of the head to transmute itself into love and healing. It’s a process and a good one to add to your spiritual tool chest.

However, how do you do the actual forgiveness work?

Good question.

There is a technique called the 70×7 that can be found in this resource The Art of Process, 7 Secrets To Overcoming Adversity & Creating New Age Prosperity by Shelby Carino

In a spiritual forgiveness process dealing with the spiritual energy centers of the body it is important to extract at a root level what needs to be ‘forgiven’ or ‘released’ and then it is free to move up and out the energy centers of the body to where it can be transmuted at the highest source of light.

Forgiveness work is the new sexy and it is all about moving it through the energy centers instead of your mind being the center of attention ‘thinking’ it knows what it is doing.

Step into forgiveness work and truly discover how powerful the exercise of 70×7 is when you do it through the energy centers of the body.



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