What Is Cryotherapy? Learn the Benefits of This Chilly Natural Healing Method…

What Is Cryotherapy? Learn the Benefits of This Chilly Natural Healing Method

You might picture yourself spending time on the beach as a self-care vacation, but negative temperatures could help your mind and body much more significantly. Consider trying cryotherapy, the latest health discovery taking the world by storm. These are a few benefits you could enjoy from a few sessions.

1. Reduces Nerve Pain

When you bruise your knee or stub your toe, you might put a bag of ice over the pained area. Ice numbs nerve endings, but cryotherapy takes it to the next level. By stepping into a whole-body cryotherapy machine, your entire nervous system will settle down during periods of irritation or arthritic pain. A recent study proved the low-risk and positive effects for chronic pain patients, so it’s worth considering during a chat with your doctor.

2. Solves Skin Problems

When your body gets cold, blood vessels contract to preserve blood flow to your essential organs. The same thing happens during cryotherapy, which makes it a powerful tool against skin irritation. People with uncomfortable patches of skin tried cryotherapy and experienced significant relief due to the anti-inflammatory nature of freezing temperatures.

The practice also helps surgeons. If your dermatologist recommends it, cryosurgery removes blisters and warts by freezing one layer of skin at a time. The noninvasive, quick surgery is often ideal for people who don’t want recovery time but need solutions for their dermatology needs.

3. Eases Migraines

Anyone who suffers from migraines or frequent headaches could also benefit from a cryotherapy session. When students with tension headaches applied cryotherapy ice packs to their heads, they had decreased mental tension and less recurring pain. Packs are often more affordable than whole-body sessions as well, making them an optimal treatment for people on a budget.

4. Improves Mood Disorders

Leaving your home and feeling a blast of winter wind might make you grumpy, but colder temperatures could improve your mood. Researchers recently found participants with depression left cryotherapy sessions with higher self-assessed mood scores and better acceptance of their diagnosis. Whole-body sessions could make it easier to live with a mood disorder or grapple with seasonal depression related to winter weather.

5. Aids in Hydration

When researchers studied athletes participating in various forms of cryotherapy after sporting events, they found an interesting development. In addition to reducing pain in torn muscle tissues, the cold-water immersion cryotherapy encouraged better absorption of interstitial fluids as the athletes drank water to rehydrate.

Non-athletes can also benefit from that effect. If you have a health condition that leads to continual dehydration, cryotherapy could assist your body’s ability to regulate its natural functions. Talk with your doctor if you think you could benefit from this effect with your health history.

Discover the Benefits of Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy has numerous benefits, but many people need to learn about them. Knowing every option available to you throughout your journey to improve your physical and mental health is essential. Schedule a call with your doctor to discuss these benefits and see if cryotherapy is the chilly healing method you need to enhance your quality of life.


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