What Is Consciousness? Has Anyone Felt Detachment With The Body And Soul While Being Conscious?…

What Is Consciousness? Has Anyone Felt Detachment With The Body And Soul While Being Conscious?

The Body Consciousness

Consciousness means awareness; it is the state of realizing or noticing that ‘something’ exists.

If the awareness lies in the body, it is called body-consciousness. Generally, people prevail in body consciousness only. The prevailing experience of, ‘I am John (you may insert your own name here), this body, mind, speech, etc. are mine’, is all body-consciousness. This is considered to be a state of ignorance of the Self. Where there is a consciousness of ‘I am this body’, there is ego. Then ‘I did this’ – this gives rise to egoism. ‘This is mine’ – it gives rise to attachment. Consequently, we experience suffering, unhappiness, attachment, hatred, abhorrence, etc. in life.

After Self-Realization This Experience Begins to Leave and Experience of the Soul Begins to Prevail

The body consciousness is impure and hence it gives rise to worldly problems. We want pure consciousness. It is only after Self-Realization that our consciousness becomes pure. The real Self is Pure Soul, and not the body.

‘I am a Pure Soul’ is the only egoless state. This is pure consciousness, which gives rise to the detached state. Therefore, one who has Pure consciousness, in him, the understanding is well-ingrained that ‘I am not the doer. My function is only to see and know.’ And when pure consciousness reaches its full stage, there is complete detachment with the body; one is an ‘Absolute Soul’ then!

To Attain this Stage of Detachment with Body, There are Two Pathways – Kram and Akram

1. In Kram, ‘I am the Doer’

2. In Akram, ‘I am the Knower And Observer’

While ‘Kram’ means an orderly, step-by-step sequential spiritual path, Akram means to directly rise higher through the medium of the lift.

Kramic path is a path where we renounce our possessions. Suppose one has 100% possessions. When one renounces 2% of our possessions, he rises higher spiritually by 2%; and if he renounces 4% or 10% of our possessions, then he rises 4-10% higher. He frees himself from bondages one after another and becomes clean from all angles. First, one abandons gross possessions, then one leaves subtle possessions such as attachment, ego, anger, pride, deceit, greed, etc., and finally when he becomes completely detached, he reaches upto the stage of Absolute Soul.

And on Akram path, Gnani directly puts a full-stop on the ego. He makes us renounce our ego and accept our Self. So, the botheration of accepting or renouncing anything new is totally gone! One does not have to do anything. What happens when nothing is done? It keeps on happening continuously, naturally and spontaneously. Now, whatever old ego, attachments, anger, pride, deceit, greed, etc. come up for discharge, we just let them go. We let them go by remaining in the awareness of the Soul and maintaining equanimity i.e. without harnessing any attachment or hatred internally towards the faults. Thus, in Akram, we attain the goal immediately.

Whether John gets upset or disturbed, or he gets involved or engrossed, we, as a Pure Soul, continue to remain in the awareness of being the knower and observer (the role of the Pure Soul) of what all is happening in John; we recognize John’s faults and allow these faults to leave with equanimity.

Here Lies the Biggest Difference Between Kram and the Akram Path!

“Kram” is to believe, ‘I am the one who is obstinate; I need to leave this stubbornness and become straightforward. While in Akram Vignan, the Knowledge arises that ‘I am not the one who is obstinate, I am a Pure Soul, whose function is to only see and know the obstinacy that has arisen in John, at this moment, with equanimity.’ Just by seeing and knowing the fault with equanimity, the fault melts away.

This is called detachment in the true sense, with the body and the ego. Everyone walking on the Akram path experiences this detachment! You too will, when you happen to meet with the Gnani and attain Self-Realization (Gnan) from Him!!!


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