What Is Atma?

Akram Vignan, a spiritual science that is easily understood by people of today’s age, provides us with the exact understanding of what is Atma? However, Akram Vignan does not stop there. Through this spiritual science, one not only comprehends what is Atma, but we are also able to attain this most precious eternal element ‘Atma’ by acquiring Self-Realization. As a direct result, we can then dwell and experience in the bliss of the Soul.

Atma or Soul is an eternal element

The Soul is an eternal element.

There are six eternal elements in this world that are everlasting. Atma or Soul is one of the six elements. Soul is made up of Absolute knowledge! Each element is powerful in terms of its respective attributes, but the other five elements do not have any attribute of knowledge or understanding in them. It’s present in Atma alone.

The Soul, with the coverings of karma all over it, is called a living being. The Soul, by its very nature, is moving towards ultimate liberation (from all karma), as long as there is no interference along the way. As karmas shed, the being develops and progresses spiritually on the path of evolution.

There are three divisions of development for every living being:

Living beings that have no worldly identity yet. This is the division where the living being has no worldly name as it is yet awaiting an entry into the worldly life. In this stage, the living being is in a total dormant state as it is totally covered by thick layers of karma. Not an iota of knowledge or vision of the Soul is able to make its way through these thick coverings.

The worldly beings. This is the division where the living being has entered the worldly life. In this stage, the living being develops from a one-sense to five-sensed living being, and thereafter evolves into a human being.

The liberated Souls. This is the division where the Soul has ultimately left the mortal world. In this stage, the Soul has not a single covering of karma on it. It is the Absolute Soul and hence it leaves this world and moves to Siddha-kshetra where only liberated Souls reside.

Soul means Atma, Atma means Self.

The Atma means the Self. You may say, “I am John (you may insert your own name here).” However, John is the name of the body; but who are you?

Should we not discover ‘who am I’ in this body?

We are a Pure Soul. However, the Soul cannot be seen and experienced. Hence, we are ignorant of our own Self.

Due to this ignorance, we think, “I am John/Sarah. I am this body.” This belief, coupled with another wrong belief of “I am the doer”, results in charging or binding of karma on the Soul. All this takes place automatically during the journey of Soul.

The Soul is in its pure state throughout all time periods (past, present, and future). However, because of layers of coverings of karma, its reality is obstructed from coming into our vision and understanding. But if we happen to meet the Enlightened One, meaning we meet the One whose Soul is free from the obstructions of the deluding karma and who has the divine spiritual powers to enlighten others too, then such Gnani can enlighten our Soul. Once our Soul is enlightened i.e. we have attained Self-Realization, then the vision of our Soul shall never become impure again.

Know more on how to acquire Self-realisation: https://www.dadabhagwan.org/path-to-happiness/spiritual-science/who-am-i-realize-your-true-self/what-is-self-realization/


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